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What is Teodore's last name?
Ray's first startup is a computer program that tells you if you need to buy what?
Eggs and milk
Ray sells his soul to the devil for what?
Incredible musical abilities
Ray writes a Ragtime hit named what?
"Ass in Your Pants"
Lyle inherits a franchise of what fast food restaurant?
Who shoots Roast Beef for the first time and why?
Ray. He was pretending to be a Sorprano
Who shoots Roast Beef for the second time and why?
Pat. He was trying to shoot Vlad.
What is the name of Todd's angel squirrel friend?
How does Roast Beef die for the third time?
He drives a golf cart off a cliff while stoned
With the help of Ray's time machine, Philippe and Ray meet which famous author?
Mark Twain
What is Roast Beef's favorite beer?
What is the mascot for Philippe's Presidential campaign?
A gorilla named Homosexuals
Who are Lazarus and Leopold?
Very important talking tasseled loafers