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The amount of time or vane revolutions needed for the firing train to be aligned is known by what term?
The action that causes a fuze to detonate before impact when any substantial object is detected is at a predetermined distance from the fuze is known by what term?
The time required for a fuze to detonate after immpact or a preset time is known by what term?
Functioning time
What term applies when the functioning time of a fuze is longer than 0.0005?
In its simpliest form, what device is like the hammer and the primer used to fire a rifle or pistol?
A Mechanical fuze
What term applies when the functioning time of a fuze is 0.0003 seconds or less?
The functioning delay of an electrical fuze is initiated by what means?
What term applies when the functioning time of a fuze is 0.0003 to 0.0005 seconds?
A fuze that does NOT have the elements of its firing train in the proper position for firing until the fuze is fully armed is known as what type of fuze?
A detonator-safe fuze
The distance along the trajectory that a bomb travels from the releasing aircraft in an unarmed condition is known by what abbreviation?
In reference to their primary operating principles, fuzes are normally divided into what two general classes?
Mechanical and electrical
To help make carrier operations safe, a bomb that is accientally released duing an aircrafts landing or takeoff will NOT normally have sufficient air travel, velocity, or time to fully arm the fuze because of waht fuze feature?
Delay Arming
The two observation windows of an M904 series fuze are used for what purpose?
To determine the safe/armed condition?
You can determine if a fuze is safe or armed by what means?
By external evidence of arming
The release speeds for arming an M904 fuze fall into what ranges?
170 to 525 knots
Normally, electrical fuzes are charged after what situations occur?
The bomb has been released from the rack or shackle
For information on the fuzes currently used by the navy, you should refer to what NAVAIR publication?
11-1F-2 and 11-5A-17
At impact, what component drives the strike body and firing pin down into the M9 delay element of an M904 fuze?
The forward part of the fuze body
The M904 series fuze is designed to be used in waht configurations?
The nose of Mk 80 series LDGP bombs only
An M904 series mechanical fuze can be configured for what armind delay times and in what time increments?
2 to 18 seconds elay times and 2 seconds increments
Other than non-delay, what functioning delay times in seconds are provided by the M9 delay element?
0.01, 0.025, 0.05, 0.1, and 0.25
What mechanical fuze should be used with thermally protected Mk-80 series general purpose bomb?
To set the 2 and 4 second arming delay times in the M904 mechanical time fuze, you should take which of the following actions?
Remove the stop screw
Depress the index locking pin
Rotate the knurled arming delay knob until the white index line is aligned with the desired arming delay time
You should never try to reinstall the stoop screw on ann M904 mechanical time fuze in what arming delay settings?
2 and 4 second delay settings
What conditions pertain to the M904 mechanical time fuze?
Safe, partially armed, and fully armed
Pyrotechnics are used for what purpose?
Flame, flash, smoke, sound, or infrared radiation.
Dye markers are waht type of devices?
Pyrotechnics and screening devices.
Dye markers are used for what primary purpose?
To establish a reference point on the surface of the water..
To get information on pyrotechnic, screening, marking, and countermeasure devices, you should refer to what publication?
Orange Smoke and Red Flame