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When the electrically controlled nose steering system is NOT engaged, what benefit does it provide?
automatic nose gear shimmy dampening
The nosewheel steering system provides directional control of the aircraft during ground operations in how many modes of operation?
How is the nosewheel steering system armed or activated during shipboard operation?
automatically, by a switch actuated by the arresting hook
What type of motor is incorporated in the nosewheel steering power unit?
a rotary, vane-type motor
What are the three basic electircal components used in the nosewheel steering system?
feedback potentiometer, command potentiometer, and steering amplifier
The signals from the command and feedback potentiometers have to be in what condition for the nosewheel steering power unit's servo valve to return to a neutral condition?
Maintenance functions on electrically controlled nose gear steering systmes are normally performed by which two aviation ratings?
AM and AE
How many different types of arresting hooks are currently used on naval aircraft?
Aircraft with a type II hook assembly installed requries an inspection of the arresting hook stinger and centering block after how many recorded arrestments?
What centering device prevents side movement of the arresting gear mechanism during carrier-arrested approaches?
liquid spring
What prevents arresting hook motion caused by deck impact forces?
vertical and horizontal damper cylinders
Disassembly and assembly of the arresting gear centering spring require extreme caution due to spring forces in excess of how many pounds?
500 pounds
What system eliminates the necessity for flight deck personnel to manually connect an aircraft to the ships catapult harness?
nose landing gear catapult launch system
What accessories are included for the catapulting launching system?
tension bar and catapult holdback bar.
What device on each side of the launch bar shank raises the launch bar to the retracted position if automatic hydraulic retraction fails?
two leaf springs
What component in the in-flight refueling system prevents pressure surges in the hydraulic return system from unlocking the probe-actuating cylinder during flight?
check valve
Prior to performing an operational check on the in-flight refueling system, what actions must you take?
the hydraulic system must be pressurized to 3000 psi, apply external electrical power, and engage the in-flight refueling system circuit breaker.
What should the complete extension and retraction time cycles be when performing an operational check on the in-flight refueling system?
extension cycle 5 to 7 seconds and retraction cycle 9 to 11 seconds
What component is installed in the pressure line of the wing fold and wing lock selector valves to vent excessive pressure buildup because of thermal expansion of trapped fluid into the combined system return lines?
thermal relief valve
Wing lock warning flags rarely get out of adjustment: however when one fails to retract, what does it indicate?
an indication of failure of all locks to properly enter the lock fittings
During normal aircraft operation, the hydraulically operated generator drive system AC GEN switch is OFF, and the solenoid-operated shutoff valve is energized (closed). What other component is also energized?
The hydraulic motor lockout relay
What systems decrease engine inlet air velocity to a subsonic flow with maximum pressure energy and provide for the reflection and bypass of surplus air not required by the engine with a minimum of drag?
variable ramp and bellmouth systems
What component controls the amount of secondary air bypassed around the engine for cooling?
bellmouth ring
How many positions does the door control valve have in the bomb bay system?
In the windshield wiper system, what action of the window units convert the linear motion of the double piston to the reciprocating action of the drive shaft?
a rack and piston arrangement