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What gives a substance its distinguishing characteristics?
The combination and arrangement of the atom's subatomic particles gives each substance its distinguishing chemical and physical characteristics.
List the three parts of the atom .
a. proton
b. neutron
c. electron
What is a balanced atom?
An atom that contains an equal number of protons and electrons.
How is the atomic number of an element determined?
By the number of protons in its nucleus.
How is the atomic weight of an element determined?
By the number of protons and neutrons in its nucleus.
The outer electron shell of an element is completely filled. What type of element is this?
Name the smallest unit that forms a compound.
Informing a compound, what part of the atom changes?
The electron shell only. There is no change in the nucleus of either atom, and the total numberof electrons hasn't changed, they've been rearranged.
List the states of matter.
a. solid
b. liquid
c. glass
List the common properties of solids.
a. cohesion and adhesion
b. tensile strength
c. ductility
d. malleability hardness
e. brittleness
g. elasticity
List the advantages of liquids as applied to aviation.
a. component parts of a system can be placed at seperate points.
b. hydraulic energy is transmitted around corners without gears and levers.
c. uniform action is obtained without vibration.
d. hydraulic power units operated with a minimum of slack and friction.
What is one of the main uses of absolute zero?
To study kinetic gases.
List the absolute zero points on the Kelvin an dCelsius scales.
a. 0 Kelvin
b. -273 Celsius
Name the person who formulated the following conclusion: "For a constant temperature,the product of the volume and pressure of an enclosed gas remains constant."
Charles' law states that...
"All gases expand and contract in direct proportion to the change in the absolute temperature, pro vialed the pressure is held constant."
What relationship is defined by the equation E = MC2
The law of conservation for energy and matter which states that "although the total amount of matterand energy remains constant, mattered can be converted into energy or energy into matter."
Name the concept defined by the statement "Two objects can't occupy the same space at the time."
Impemetrability of matter.
What action must be applied to an object to overcome inertia?
A push or pull that exerts a force on the body.
What is meant by the term accelerations?
An increase or decrease in speed and/ or a change in direction of motion.
Why is force considered a vector quantity?
Because it has both direction and magnitude.
In the English system of measurement, what force is expressed in pounds?
The gravitational force exerted by the earth on the body, known as weight of that body, expressed in force units.
How is the density of a substance described?
It is its weight per unit of volume.
How is the specific gravity of a substance described?
It is the ratio of the density of the substance to the density of water.
Moving bodies have energy because they can do work. What term describes the energy of mass in motion?
Kinetic energy