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ANS - modality:
General visceral motor
ANS - innervation:
-Cardiac muscle
-Smooth muscle
ANS - Functions:
-Homeostasis (rest/digest)
-Emergency (fight/flight)
Spinal level of Origin:
Symp: T1 - L2

Para: CN 3, 7, 9, 10; S2-S4
Sympathetic nerves are distributed where:
All spinal nerves
Parasympathetic nerves are distributed where:
Structures in
Sympathetic Preganglionic Neuron Cell Bodies located where:
Interomediolateral gray column of spinal cord
Parasympathetic Preganglionic neuron Cell bodies located where:
-Brainstem nuclei (4)
-Interomediolateral gray column of spinal cord at S2-S4
What are the 4 brainstem nuclei that have preganglionic NCBs from which nerves originate?
-Edinger-Westphal III
-Superior Salivatory VII
-Inferior Salivatory IX
-Dorsal motor nucleus X
Length of Pre/Postgnglnc nerves
Symp: Short --> Long

Para: Long --> Short
Neurotransmitter for impulse of Preganglionic neurons at Ganglion in both Symp/Parasymp.
Neurotransmitter for impulse of Postganglionic neurons at Target in Para vs. Symp:
Para = Acetylcholine

Symp = AcH OR norepinephrine
What targets receive AcH from symp postganglionic nerve fibers instead of norepinephrine?
-Sweat glands
-Vasodilator fibers
Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerves exit the CNS via:
Ventral roots - originate in cell bodies and then exit via these ventral roots.
How exactly do sympathetic nerves exit the spinal cord?
Via white rami communicans to enter the paravertebral ganglia of the sympathetic trunk.
So what neurotransmitter would be used for the synapse in paravertebral ganglia of the sympathetic trunk?
What sympathetic nerves emerge from the CNS and pass through the sympathetic trunk WITHOUT ever synapsing?
Splanchnic - for abdominal viscera - go to Celiac ganglion, etc.
4 Cranial ganglia for parasymapthetic nerves:
-Ciliary (III)
-Pterygopalatine (VII)
-Otic (IX)
-Submandibular (VII)
-what nerve type
-Preganglionic NCB location
Superior cervical ganglion then runs w/ Long ciliary nn.
Dilate iris, tarsal muscle
-what nerve type
-Preganglionic NCB location
Edinger-Westphal nucleus/CN III
Ciliary Gangilion/Short ciliary nerves
Sphincter Pupilae/Ciliary body
What nerve innervates nasolacrimal secretion?
Parasympathetic - Lacrimal nerve of V1 carries fibers
Preganglionic NCBs and preganglionic nerve for nasolacrimal secretion:
Superior salivatory nucleus sends off Nervus Intermedius (CN VII) to join Greater Petrosal n. and n. of Pterygoid Canal
Ganglion for nasolacrimal secretion:
Pterygopalatine ganglion - the n. of the Pterygoid canal synapses here.
Postganglionic nerve for nasolacrimal secretion:
Naso: Zygomaticotemporal (V2)

Lacrimal: Lacrimal nerve (V1)
What causes decreased secretion from nasolacrimal glands?
Sympathetic nerve fibers from superior/inferior cervical ganglia; T1-T3
How is salivary composition affected by symp vs. para stimulation?
Symp: more viscous

Para: more watery
Preganglionic NCB locations for salivation:
-Superior salivatory nucleus VII

-Inferior salivatory nucleus IX
Preganglionic nerve for salivation in the mouth:
Nervus intermedius via geniculate ganglion, joins with Chorda Tympani and then Lingual nerve V3
Ganglion and postganglionic nerve for salivation in mouth:
-Submandibular ganglion (V3)
-Submandibular nerve to submandib and lingual glands.
Where does the parotid gland innervation come from?
CN IX starting at Inferior Salivatory Nucleus
Nerves that pass Parasymp nerve fibers from CN IX to its ganglion:
-Lesser petrosal
-Tympanic nerves
Ganglion for synapse of CN IX salivatory fibers:
Postganglionic nerve for Otic ganglion salivatory fibers:
Auriculotemporal V3
Target for Auriculotemporal parasympathetic nerve fibers:
Parotid gland
At what spinal levels do the Sympathetic nerve fibers origin:
-For heart
-For lung
Heart: T1-T5

Lung: T2-T5
Where do nerve fibers for Parasymp nerves for heart/lungs originate?
Both from Dorsal Motor Nucleus of CN X (vagus)
Effect of sympathetic nerves on heart:
-Increased force of contraction
-Increased heart rate
Effect of parasymp nerves on heart:
Effect of sympathetic nerves on lung:
-Decreased bronchial gland secretions
Effect of parasymp nerves on heart:
-Increased gland secretions
Effect of sympathetic nerves on Skin/sweat glands:
-Vasoconstriction to skin
-Increased secretion (remember AcH released here)
At what spinal cord level do the sympathetic nerves for sweat glands/skin originate?
T1-T3 cervical ganglia
What level do sympathetic nerves for Stomach - Transverse colon (first 2/3) originate?
Where are the postganglionic NCBs for these fibers?

Postgang NCBs in Celiac and Superior mesenteric ganglia
What gives parasympathetic innervation to the Stomach thru first 2/3 of Transverse colon?
Dorsal motor nucleus of CN X - the vagus nerve
What gives parasymp innervation to the last 1/3 of transverse colon and down to the rectum?
What about sympathetic?

Symp: L1-L2
Inferior mesenteric ganglion
What is the effect of Sympathetic nerves on the Stomahch thru first 2/3 of Transverse intestine? Parasymp?
DECREASED peristalsis, sphincter contraction, and gland secretion.
Parasymp = all opposite
What nerve fibers give Sympathetic innervation to the Detrussor muscle and internal urethral sphincter?
What is their effect?
-Contract of urethral sphincter
-Relax detrussor mucle
What gives parasympthetic innervation to urethral sphincter and detrussor musc?
What postganglionic parasympathetic nerves innervate the bladder?
Pelvic splanchnic nerves to inferior hypogastric plexus.
What ganglion do the SYMPATHETIC fibers to the bladder synapse at?
Inferior mesenteric
What sympathetic nerves innervate reproductive organs?
Lumbar splanchnic nerves T10-L2
What is the effect of sympathetic innervation on reproductive organs?
-Smooth muscle contracts
-Vessels constrict
What parasympathetic nerves innervate reproductive organs?
Same as bladder - S2-S4 pelvic splanchnic nerves
What is the effect of pelvic splanchnic nerves on reproductive organs?
-Smooth muscle relaxes
-Increased gland secretion -vasodilation