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Superior cervical ganglion
Middle cervical ganglion
Inferior cervical ganglion
Stellate ganglion
1st thoracic ganglion
Sympathetic NS innervation of HEAD
Preganglionic fibers origin T1-T3
postganglionic fibers hitchhike with internal and external carotid arteries
Sympathetic nervous system innervation to upper limbs
Preganglionic fibers T3-T6, synapse in middle (C5-C6) and inferior (C7-C8) cervical ganglion
hitchhike with brachial plexi
Sympathetic nervous system innervation to lower limbs
Preganglionic fibers L1-S4, synapse in lumbar and sacral ganglion (join lumbar and sacral plexi)
hitchhike with spinal nerves
Sympathetic nervous system innervation to thoracic viscera
Preganglionic fibers T3-T6/7, synapse in cervical ganglion (sup/middle/inf)
cardiac plexi (to heart), pulmonary plexi (bronchi), esophageal plexi (esophagus)