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What is the function of the ANS?
to control involuntary body functions that we are unconscious of
what systems are controlled by the ANS?

what spcf types of muscle/tissue?

Cardiac, Smooth, and Glands
What is the Efferent Nervous System broken down into?

What is each branch responsible for?
-Somatic Nervous System - Motor and Voluntary control

-Autonomic Nervous System - Visceral and Involuntary control
what are the 2 branches of the ANS?

where does each originate?
Sympathetic SNS - nerves come from the thoracolumbar region of spine

Parasympthatetic PNS - nerves come from the cervical/saccral regions of spine.
what is the fiber system of the SNS like?
Short, Cholinergic pre-ganglionic fibers originate from thoracolumbar regions, synapse w/ cell body in the CHAIN GANGlion.

Long, adrenergic post-ganglionic fibers go to organ they innervate.
What does "cholinergic" and "adrenergic" mean?
cholinergic means it releases Acetylcholine

Adrenergic means it releases norepinephrine.
what is the adrenal medulla?
a gland that secretes epinephrine and norepinephrine; is stimulated by PRE-GANGLIONIC fibers from the SNS, therefore it is a MODIFIED GANGLION.
Do all sympathetic preganglionic fibers go to the sympathetic chain ganglion?
no; some go to the adrenal medulla, and some go to COLLATERAL ganglia
what are the fibers of the PNS like?
LONG, cholinergic pre-ganglionic fibers originate from brain and saccral spine, synapse with ganglia near or in the stimulated organ. Short, cholinergic post-ganglionic fibers don't have far to go.
what does the NT from cholinergic pre-ganglionic fibers bind to on the post-ganglionic neuron?
NT = acetylcholine

Binds to Nicotinic receptors
In the SNS, the nicotinic receptors for AcH are on what type of post-ganglionic neuron?
an Adrenergic - releases norepinephrine.
What does the NT from the Adrenergic neuron in the SNS bind to?
alpha or beta adrenergic receptors on the effector organ.
What does the AcH released by post-ganglionic fibers of the PNS bind to?

What type of effect is seen?
Muscarinic receptors on the effector organ.

sometimes excitatory, sometimes inhibitory.
Are organs that are controlled by the ANS innervated by only the SNS vs. PNS, or both?

what's this concept called?
both. Dual innervation
what are 2 things that are NOT dual innervated? What are they innervated by?
Artioles/veins, and Sweat glands. these are only SYMPATHETIC
where and what is the adrenalla medulla?
the inside of the adrenal gland that sits on top of the kidneys.

it is a modified ganglion that secretes epinephrine and norepinephrine.
the adrenal gland releases NT:
-what kind/category?
-what are they more properly called?
Catecholamines - Epineph, Norepi, Dopamine

More properly: HORMONES - circulate via the bloodstream.