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What are the 3 components in an autodilutor?
1. Pipetting device
2. Power supply
3. Valve control units
what are two types of pipetting devices?
What else needs to accompany?

needs volume adjustment
what are 2 ways to adjust volume?
-Lock in the stroke of the cylinder.

-Modify the cam radius
What type of power supply is typically seen in autodilutors?
-Electric motors - most
How are valves typically controlled?
with electrical switches
pneumatics, by lining up tubes.
what are three types of balances?
-two pan balance
-substitution weight balance
what is the diffnc between two-pan and substitution balances?
2-pan: add sample, add standard wghts to restore equilibrium.

Subst: add unknown, remove weigts to restore equilibrium.
what is the most sensitive type of balance?

what has the most capacity?
Sensitive: 10^-7 grams is the electrobalance.

Capacity: two-pan up to 2000 g
what are sources of error to consider in placing your electrobalance?
-away from sunlight
-away from drafts
-put on marble table for no vibrations
-level with foot screws
clean, verify optical zero.