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Andres 2002
No treatment Sunrise
Filipeck 2002
Diagnostic criteria?
Hermelin O’connor
Meaning doesn’t help
Snowling & Frith
Snowling & Frith
Silly word
Fragile x mice
Coomery 97
Social behavior not tested Brattlebro rats Low vasopressin
Engleman & Langraf
Vasopressin & Oxytocin Increase social behavior
Oxytocin Knockout mice
Genetic fx prob Silenced Social behavior deficit
7q31 no cuddling but sensory motor probs
Hermelin & O’connor 70
Play –verbal -non-verbal -lang impared
Baron-Cohen 99
social ref 6 Asp vs. 12 controls States of eyes vs gender Amy activity in controls
Sigman 92
Feign pain Incongruous blend happy & sad Holistic
Low lang Low symbolic play Low empathy Low joint attention Low emotion reading Low joint attention Low declarative pointing
3yrs Knoblock 1900 DD 3yr 10yr Transient social probs
Bettelheim 67
Trauma Refrigerator parent Genie- L.A.
McAdoo + Demeyer
No evidence of ref
Gilberg 90
Cross cultural probs
Minshew 96
High cell density
Folstien & McAngelo 2000
Interact w env to make epigenic cluster Change manifests as more or less severe Symptoms occur
Cade and tidwell 2001
Normal lifespan
Stockstad 2001
4-20 genes
Andre 2002
7q 31 chromos
Fisher & Hurst
Betancur & Corbex 2002
WNT2 Mouse model No cuddling
Cheadle 2000
17-68 % TSC have A A have TSC 3%
Cock & Leventhal
Glutamergic disorder Seratonin Blood
Herault 96
Glutamergic disorder Seratonin Urine
Andre 2002 Inconsistent seratonin
Hussinger 2000
Morrocan families Point mutation
Luca 99 ADA allelle 2xfreq
Mundy 2003
P genetic drift?
Blatt Fitzgerald 2001
Hypoglutamergic disorder
Carlsson 98
Seratonin paradox
Stockstad 2001 prob
Elevated oxytocin amount Protective x chromo?
Petit 95
EN2 gene –AU
Saiton & Corchese 98
MZ 65%
Levram 93
Small granule and purkinje cells Reproductive probs w guinea pig –problem
Bachevalier 94
Kluver Bucy Syndrome Monkeys transient fx
Baron cohen 2000
Amy not activated by emotion
Bailey, Le couter and gottesman 95
35% genetic
De stefano 2001
Pierce Corchesne 2001
High cerebral vloume
Bailey & Dean 99
Big basal gang HFA
Tager-flusber & Joseph 2001
Consistent with low emotional response
Lai 2000
Reeler Cytarchitectural ab
Bauman & Kemper 93
Big cell change
Bobnee 2000
Ingram 2002
Virus infect Low play Cerebral probs
Thalidomide Natural tube formation
-viral –neurochemical -other disorder
Mundy 2003
Elgar & Campbell 2001
Brain Systems
Wananabe 99
Kawashima 99
Perception of gaze
Fundamentals imp in sociable of Kids DMFC/AC DMFC/AC/VSBS
Davson 2002
JA needed for understanding
Mundy and Sigman 89
JA deficit means autism
Baldwin 95
JA milestone of social learning
Sigman & Ruslin 99
JA for Peer relations IJA= spontaneous RJA = response
Mundy Kasari, Sigman & Yirmiya 90
IJA = no shared fx
Caplain 93
13, hemispherectomies Early Social communication scales PET Metabolic = IJA Autistic = none
Insel O’brien & Leckman 99
Oxytocin & Vasso
Green 2001
Blood oxytosin decreases
Joyner 91
EN2 4 Cerebral dev
Korvatska & Kamnska 2002
Metabolic Abnormal plasticity
Pierce & Corchesne 2000
Purkinjie and limbic Pyramidal neurons underdevel Low neuronal High packing High dendric aborization hippocampus Volume low in the hippo Cerebral hypoplasty
Baron Cohen
FMRI: face recog: Autistics temporal gyru normal fusiform
Wolterink 2001
Lesioning amy
Ingram 2000
ProbsValproic acid Little play Genetic probs Sampling error Small sample Random linkage Association analysis -ive results not encouraged MRI-small
Felstein and rutter 75
Twins 36% concordance 82% criteria large amount
Bolton 94
20% relatives large amount of pheno
Hermelin & O’connor 70
Mundy 2003
Frith & Frith 2001
TOM, JA Gaze & RJA IJA- proto IJA-sharing
Mundy and Sigman 89
JA deficit means autism
Mundy 94
JA robust in older
Fox 91
low reward value of social stimulation
Baron-Cohen 95
TOM Modular perspective
Leslie 87
TOM Soc-neurocog mech
Mundy 2003
TOM Representation of others thoughts Interpret other’s behavior
Baron-Cohen 95
AU =Disrupt meta-cog model Therefore cant compare metareps Triad imparement Lang Emotion Social
Yirmiya 98
TOM deficits not spec to AU
Tomasello 95
JA fx social cog
Charmen 2000
13 TD 20m IJA IQ and lang devel control 20m IJA good 40m TOM
Fletcher 95
Tom story vs. non TD High blood to LMF gyrus
Goel grafman 95
DMFL Fx TOM tasks
Schizophrenic autistics High DMFC activity High no of errors
Haznedar 2000
Schizo’s have little difficulty with TOM? High ventral brain component activity with TOM
Ernst 97
A change in DMFC disturbs dopamine activity
Atypical grey in DMFC
Ohnishi 2000
PET Aut vs controls Low blood in Superior Temporal Gyri Hypermetabolism in Right AC Right AC Verbal Social Non verbal DMFC Planning Self monitoring Goal direction
Buch 2000
Exec function Low concept formation Low spontaneous inhibition Low conflict resolution Probs with monitoring a change in stragegy
Frith & happe 97
Lang – tear Face
DMFC- activated Non verbal measure of central coh
EF =Probs shifting btw soc & non social reps
Holroyd 2002
Cell groups for processing +ive and –ive response DMFC
Schultz and Volkmar 2002
Fundamental disturbance in exec processes which prioritise and organize orientating to salient social stimuli
Stromland 94
No change seratonin Glutamergic Cholinergic
Leslie 87
TOM Metarep Multiple Tags
Mundy 2001
Kiln 2003
Low reward reps social stim
Holryd & coles 2002
Dopamine to ac : Rewards social activity
Mundy & hogan 94
Frith & Frith 2001
DMFC/AC relates to intersubjectivity
Ochsher 2002
AC is amplifier and filter
Frith 2000
Probs: only explains traid of impare
Au have probs reading emotion
Baron Cohen
AU = eyegaze probs Paretal Low compete response Reg attention Frontal lobe damage Rigitiy and perserverence
Rumsey 85
TD vs A WCST Perserative vs dyslexics
Szatmari 89
WCST best AU Predictor
Jacobson 78
Late neurogeneration
Cog test
Rey-osterith WCST Tower hanoy
96% aut low EF 87% worse second order
Baron cohen 89
Muncer 88
2nd order 96% norm 60% MRI
Cohen 85
80% aut no pred beliefs