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Talk Concering the First Beginning

Collage of Origin Stories
The Origin Stories

outcast Gaqka, Crow, has flying canoe, goes the mt. and receives stories from man in mt., returns to old community handsome, with girl, with stories

>Gift Exchange, Wholeness, Transformation, Tradition
Iktomi and the Dancing Ducks
Oglala Sioux

Man tricks ducks to eat them, but coyote outsmarts him and eats the ducks. coyote kicks man into fire.

Trickster Tale
Creation of the Whites

First came over on a log, then ships. Wanted to live on Indian soil.
Sayatasha's Night Chant

boy prepares things for priest meeting

>#4 special, Gift giving (prayer sticks, seeds), completion, good relationship b/w men and spirits
>We have this, because of this
Formulas to Cause Death and Secure Love

Secure Love - man chooses among 7.
>red for victory, power

Death - stalking, covering w/black, victim's soul is blue
>black is death, oblivion
>blue is failure, depression
Elegie XIX
Jon Donne

sexual, exploring nation like exploring a woman's body. something to be possessed

>powerful justifying exploration
Journal of the 1st Voyage to America

Lets Indians think they're Gods. Trying to get to China, lang. of justification exaggerated for Queen

>Noble Savages, wanted to convert then to christians
Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca
Cabeza de Vaca

Supported NA slaves until captured. then anti-slavery. wrote about excursions. became a healer and trader. feels lost, no native food, now slave, finds christians undone now. he's become an indian
A Modell of Christian Charity
John Winthrop

Some must be rich, others not. Prep speech for new world. What God does is good, Predestined, no free will
The Journal of John Winthrop
John Winthrop

Against Anne Hutchinson, her baby. she fights hard. Deputy gives grand speech
Of Plymouth Plantation
William Bradford

not written in one setting, allegorical, uses models, plain style
>3 threats: wilderness, starvation, greed
>hardship bc: repression, satan feels challenged
The General Historie of Virginia by John Smith
Indians want to kill him. "he who does not work shall not eat" Poco saves him.
New English Canaan by Thomas Morton
endorses Cavaliers(support King, oppose Puritans)England's colonial effort is being hampered by Separatists and Puritans.

Indians move with seasons, dress scarcly, honor elders, were caring- Noble Savage, more civil than Puritans

He writes in essays, cartoonlike,does selling and trading,keeps returning to upset Puritans
Sor. Juana Ines de la Cruz
couldn't hide intelligence or serve a man, mocks sexist men
The Prologue
The Author to her book
To her Father
To her Husband
In Memory of Grandchild
Upon the Burning of our House
To My Dear Children
by Anne Bradstreet
Brother vouched that she did, indeed, write it.

She admits you wouldn't expect it from her.
Her child is disabled
Can't pay off debt
He's gone, she's sad
All things have a time, but God must have meant for this one
It was all vanity anyway, better one in heaven
Her autobiography for them-she has questioned her faith

Secure in Puritan Hierarchy, stays in line -publishing, uses rhetoric, sarcastic with insultor (builds him way up). Angry w/kids death, can't blame God
Autobiography by Thomas Shepard
Spiritual Autobiography, stories help rationalize bad, look w/in for patterns, must testify faith

Conversion= awaken, relapse, conviction, consolation

In the depths of despair, God is calling us back

Ed at Cambridge, Marraige men in control (sex good, often, w/o bc)

First trip to New World failed, biblical "held by a thread", temptation to love earthly family too much

Problems w/ Anne: direct revelations, seeing w/in others, prophesizes their afterlife
John Cotton
Sermon: serve men to serve God, use God's gifts to you, find his calling for you
God's Determinations
Preparatory Meditations
by Edward Taylor
Conceit, dog barking, spinning wheel, crumb of dust, gem in jewelery store, bread to go to soul, bird in cage, mother hen

Preaching about things that were happening (adultery), Looks upon Lord's supper seriously, Peoples souls are temples,Justice and Mercy argue

Preparing for sermons and Lords Supper
The Selling of Joseph a Memorial by Samuel Sewall
chronicles of his time: Equality!
typology- an ideal world mirrored below

points out wrong that: all men have equal right to liberty, except slaves

christians shouldn't be ok with this. Masters need to be good
Day of Doom by Wigglesworth
introspective diary, scared that he can't control his body (wet dreams), compulsion to empty self of bad
A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration by Mary Rowlandson
Captivity Narrative-she tries to hang on to Englishness. she becomes acculturated -eating gross things, different views

people in Eng. read it sensational fantasy.

suffering of one is also of all, sufferer turns to God, enacts Calvanist conversion process, like Job in bible, read for colonists to feel better about war, different voices, wrotes years later, language mediates reality, written in removes, loses family sense, obsessed with food, now a savage, keeps bible and hope, removed of security

very one-sided, keeps chastity, autonomy(sewing bus., bible), religion

Puritans need to limit grieving over others.Signs of Post traumatic syndrome