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Plato's "The Republic" was published in....
Plato wrote the Republic in Athens around 380 B.C.
Freud's "The Uncanny" was written in...
Das Unheimliche [The Uncanny], (1919)
Close to WWI
Aristotle's Poetics
Aristotle's Poetics can be read as a response to Plato's attack on art. Aristotle (384–322 B.C.E.)
Sidney's Astrophil and Stella was published in...
Shakespeare sonnets
Shakespeare's Hamlet was published in...
Shakespeare Othello was published in...
Shakespeare's The Tempest was published in...
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte was written in...
What are four themes in Jane Eyre?
-Love vs. Autonomy
-Gender Relations
-Social Class
What are two motifs in Jane Eyre?
-Fire and Ice

-Substitute Mothers
What are two symbols in Jane Eyre?
-Bertha Mason

-The Red Room
What are some ways tension is created in Jany Eyre?
Bertha and Blanche stand in the way of Jane's happiness.
What do Bertha and Adele possibly symbolize in regards to Mr. Rochester?
His past mistakes.
What are some gothic elements in Jane Eyre?
-The Red Room

-Prophetic Dreams

What form does the plot of Jane Eyre follow?
A Bildungsroman (novel that tells a story of a child's maturation and focuses on the emotions and experiences that incite his or her growth to adulthood)
What five stages of development does Jane Eyre go through?
1. Gateshead
2. Lowood School
3. Thronfield
4. Morton and Marsh End (Moor House)
5. Ferndean
Main Character in Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre--she is the protagonist and narrator of the novel.
Who is Jane's love?
Edward Rochester--he is unconventional, ready to set aside polite manners, propriety, and consideration of social class to interact with Jane.
Who is a foil for Mr. Rochester?
St. John Rivers--he is cold, reserved, and often controlling of others, whereas Rochester is reckless, fiery, passoniate, and lively.
Bleakhouse was published in...
1852-1853 (published as a series)
Bleak House's Main Protagonist
There isn't one since there are so many characters. Maybe Esther Sommerson.
Sir Philip Sidney’s "Astorphel and Stella" was published in....
between the years 1580 and 1584
John Milton's "Paradise Lost" was published in....
It was published in 1667, a year after the Great Fire of London.
John Donne's pome "The Good Morrow" was published in...
John Donne was a _____ ______.
Metaphysical Poet
John Donne's "The Flea" was published in....
John Donne's "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning" was published in...
Ben Jonson's "On My First Daughter" was published in...
Ben Johnson's "On my First Daughter," "On My First Son," and "Song: To Celia" were published in...
John Herbert poems –"Easter," "Easter Wings," "Virtue," and "The Collar" were all published in....
1633 (posthumously)
T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land" was published in...
"The Waste Land" has five parts. What are they?
1. The Buriel of the Dead
2. A Game of Chess
3. The Fire Sermon
4. Death by Water
5. What the Thunder Said
"The Wast Land" is a _________ work.
T.S. Eliot was a leader in the ________
movement in poety.