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Story of an Hour
Kate Chopin
A Worn Path
Edoura Wealty
I Stand Here Ironing
Tillie Olsen
Everyday Use
Alice Walker
A Rose for Emily
William Faulkner
Hills Like White Elephants
Ernest Hemmingway
A and P
John Updike
The Swimmer
John Cheever
The THings they Carried
Tim O'brian
The Chrysanthemums
John Stinebeck
The Open Boat
Stephen Crane
Raymond Carver
Dulce et Decorumn Est
Wilfred Owen
A narrow fellow in the grass
Emily Dickenson
A rount of evanessence
Emily Dickenson
Slyvia Path
One Art
Elizabeth Bishop
Those Winter Sundays
Robert Hayden
Robert Frost
It Sifts from leaden Sieves
Emily Dickenson
My Number
Billy Collins
Home Burial
Robert Frost
The Fish
Elizabeth Bishop