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holysistolic murmer
Grade 2/6
high pitched
radiating to apex
creshendo decreshendo
aortic stinosis
will have a click after S1 if congenital bicusped valve
Where do aortic sounds radiate to
rite sternal border at second intercostal space
Where do you listen to the pulmonic valve
left sternal border second intercostal space
where do you listen to mitral valve
midclavicular line, 4th intercostal space
What is the S1 sound
mitral valve closing
what part of the cycle is between S1 and S2
what is the order of calve closer

in a takicardic state how do you tell systole from diastole
feal the pulce. it happends during sistoly
mitral regergitation
tricuspid regurgitation
ventricular septal defects
crescendo decreshendo systolic murmer
aortic stenosis
flow murmer
pulmonic stenosis
when does a creshendo de-creshendo aortic stinosis murmer
just after S1
there is a periad of isovolumic contraction
there is alwais a small rag from S1 to murmer
how is the timing from inicent flow murmer of the aortic valve diffore from aortic stinosis
the creshendo peaks early in an inecent flow murmer
in aortic stinosis the creshendo will peak in mis systoly and it tends to be lowder
how do you diforenciate aortic stenosis from slow murmer
real the carotid
aortic stenosis: pulsis parvus et tardus. late max impulse of corotid pulce

aortic stinosis will radiate to the right corotid
Aortic stenosis what are the finings?
you must look to the finding to rule out flow murmer
- presure in LV --> consentric hypertrfy
- creshendo de-creshendo systolic murmer
- late slow carotid pulce
- polonged apical impulse
- abnormal EKG do to hypertrophy of LV
when is there an injection click when the aortic valve opens
when you have a bicusped valve
hylosistolic murmer
mitral regurge
tricuspid regerge
Where do you hear mitral regurgitation
at the apex
where do you heare the holysistolic murmer of a ventricular septil defect
left sternal border
what menuver tan determin mitral regurge from trisucped regerge
when you take a bredth in you have an increse in venus return
this will make the tricuspid murmer louder on insporation
which holysistolic murmer gets louder when you inspier
tricuspid regurge called a carbellow sign