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Conversational fluency
How smoothly a conversation unfolds.
A branch of linguistics that studies the effects of social and cultural differences within a community on its use of language in conversational patterns.
Mean length turn ratio (MLT ratio)
The ratio of mean length turn ratio of two speakers and a conversation.
Mean length speaking turn
Computed by determining the average number of words spoken during a set number of conversational terms.
Conversational turn
The period during which a participant delivers a contribution to the conversation.
A communication handicap
The psychosocial, this advantage is that result from hearing loss.
A communication disability
A loss of function.
Assessment or siege are used to elicit information about specific information about each individual's hearing problem.
And assessment instrument used to gain subjective, conversational fluency in communication handicap from respondents.
Open ended questions
Questions used to elicited qualitative information.
Closed ended questions
Questions used to gather quantitative information.
Daily logs
Self-reports of behavior used by respondents for self-monitoring. Respondents perform a self-monitoring procedure regarding behaviors of interest, and provide self-reports.
Self-monitoring -- reactive
Self-monitoring can provide a reactive procedure as it may influence how a person uses communication behaviors and strategies.
Group discussions
Group discussion provides a forum class members to discuss communication issues.
Structured communication interactions
Simulated conversations used to reflect the patience communication difficulties.