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Pinna, Ear Canal are associated with the ....
Outer ear
Tympanic Membrane,ossicles and eustachian tube are associated with ......
Middle ear
Cochlea and CN VIII are associated with .....
Inner Ear
What is the function of the ear canal?
It drects sound to eardrum and bends to protects the eardrum
What is a conductive hearing loss? What causes it?
Loss of hearing in the outer or middle ear due to wax build up or fluid in the middle ear.
What are the 3 ossicles of the middle ear?
The function of the 3 ossicles is to...
To impede the flow of sound.
To transforms energy-Mechanical to Hydrolic energy.
To amplify the energy
What is the eustachian tube?
It connects the front wall of the middle ear with the nasopharynx and ventilates the middle ear. It is filled with air.
What are the middle ear muscles?
Stapedius Muscle
Tensor Tympani
Stapedius is innervated by ....
Innervated by CVII Facial.