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What is Audiology?
Audiology is the study of hearing and hearing disorders
What are some audiological issues for SLPs?
1. hearing screenings
2. tympanometry screenings
3. referral
4. communication difficulties
5. humanistic discipline
6. lifespan services
7. counseling for client and SOP
What are the three characteristics of listening?
1. active listening
2. informational counseling
3. support counseling
What are the two models that describe define the role of an audiologist/SLP?
1.Paternalistic Model
2. Non-Paternalistic Model
Which model describes the clinician identifies deficiencies and tries to remediate them? Also known as a surgeon patient or teacher student model.
What is the model in which the audiologist views himself as one who assists clients in achieving their own self determined goals?
Non Paternalistic Model
What are the two subtypes that the non paternalistic model consist of?