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Low levels of job satisfaction and organisational commitment lead to.........
counterproductive behaviour.
One consequence of job satisfaction and organisational committment is?
Employee engagement.
Name 3 types of perceptual bias:
Halo effect, Stereotyping, Selective Attention.
In bounded rationality, the major limiting factor in people's capacity to understand problems is the inability to judge......
In the theory of planned behaviour, behaviour stems directly from.......
By contrast, when a person makes less effort in the presence of others, it is labelled:
social loafing.
The human tendency to behave as authority figures tell us to is termed:
An attitude has 3 components, what are they?
Cognitive, Behavioural, Affective.
The theory of planned behaviour and cognitive.......theory help us understand how attitudes affect behaviour.
.......refers to the extent the employee feels a sense of obligation to their organisation.
Normative committment.