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Describe two ways the atmosphere is important to life on earth?
1. Contains oxygen and other gases that people and plants need to live.

2. Provides warmth and liquid water for people and plants to live.
What are 4 common gases in dry air?
1. Nitrogen
2. Oxygen
3. Carbon Dioxide
4. Other such as Hydrogen
Why are amounts of gases shown as percentages of dry air?
Dry air always has the same mixture of gases.
How is most air pollution produced?
Buring of coal, oil, gasoline and diesel fuel.
Name 2 natural sources of particles in the atmosphere.
1. Ocean splashes salt water against rocks. Som of the salt evaporates int the air.

2. Forest fires, soil erosion and dust stores add particles to the atmosphere.
Name 2 artificial sources of particles in the atmosphere.
1. Burning of wood and coal release particles into the air.

2. Farming and construction release particles into the air.
How is photochemical smog formed?
Nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and other air pollutants react with each other in the presence of sunlight.
How is photochemical smog harmful?
Makes it hard to breath, harms plants and damages paint.
What substances combine to form acid rain?
Nitrogen oxides and sulfer oxides mixed with water in the air to form nitric acid and sulfuric acid.
How does increasing the density of a gas affect its pressure?
The pressure increases
Describe how a mercury barometer measures air pressure.
Glass tube partially filled with mercury. It's open end is resting in a dish of mercury. Air pressure pshing on the mercury in the dish forces the mercury in the tube higher.
Why is the air at the top of a mountain hard to breathe?
Air pressure decreases the higher you go above sea level. As air pressure degreases so does air density.
What are the properties of air?
1. Mass
2. Density
3. Pressure
Air pressure is the result of what?
The weight of a column of air pushing down on an area.
What are the 4 main layers of the atmosphere?
1. Trophosphere
2. Stratosphere
3. Mesosphere
4 Thermosphere
List information on the trophosphere.
1. Tropo = turning or changing
2. Earth's weather occurs here
3. The higher you go in this layer, the demperature decreases
4. At the top of this layer, water forms thin, clouds of ice.
List information on the stratosphere.
1. The next layer up from the trophosphere.
2. Strato = layer or spread out
3. lower part of this layer is cold
4. upper part of this layer is warm because it contains a layer of ozone and it obsorbs energy from the sun.
List information in the mesosphere.
1. The next layer up from the stratosphere.
2. Meso = middle
3. The outer part of this layer is the coldest part of the atmosphere.
4. Most meteors burn up in this layer.
List information about the thermosphere.
1. Near the top of the atmosphere.
2. The air is very thing.
3. Thermo = heat
4. Very hot in this layer
5. Energy from the sun hits this layer first.
What is a shooting star? In what layer of the atmosphere does it occur?
It is a meteoroid burning up as it enters the mesosphere.
What is the aurora borealis? In which layer of the atmosphere does it occur?
Particles of sun that enter the ionosphere near the North Pole
Satellites orbit the earth in...
the exosphere