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What is the Troposphere?
The troposphere is the layer of the atmosphere where the weather occurs like rain, snow and storms.
What is the Mesosphere?
The mesosphere is the layer of atmosphere that protects the earth's surfaces from being hit by meteoroids
What is the thermosphere?
The thermosphere is the layer of atmosphere that extends over 80km into outer space. it has no definite outer limit.
What is the stratosphere?
The stratosphere is the outer layer of earth which contains the ozone layer and absorbs .ultra violet radiation.
What is the ionosphere?
The layer of atmosphere that reflects radio waves back to earth.
What is the exosphere?
the exosphere is the layer of atmosphere were phone calls and television pictures are relayed by ways of communications satellites that orbit the earth.
What are the four main layers of atmosphere?
the four main layers of atmosphere are the troposphere,stratosphere,thermosphere and mesosphere.
What is a barometer?
an instrument used to measure air pressure.
What is air pressure?
The result of weight of a column of air pushing down on an area.
What is atmosphere?
Atmosphere is the envelope of gases that surround the planet.
What is the earths atmosphere made up of?
The earths atmosphere is made up of oxygen.nitrogen,carbon dioxide, water-vapor,and many other gases as well as particles of liquid and solid.
What are the gases in dry air? name the percentages.
nITROGEN- 78 %
how is the atmosphere important to life on earth?
1. By trapping enrgy from the sun, the atmosphere keep s most of earths surface warm enough for water exists as a liquid.
how is the atmosphere important to life on earth?
It prevents meteoroids from hitting the earth
how is the atmosphere important to life on earth?
protects living things from dangerous radiations of the sun.