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What is the atmosphere?
- The mixture of gases that surround the Earth
- Contains the oxygen that we breath
- Protects us from harmful Ultraviolet rays
What is air pressure?
- The measure of the force with which the air molecules push on a surface
- Ears pop when the air pressure on the inside and out of your ear are the same
what is altitude?
- The height of an object over the earth's surface
- The higher the altitude, the lesser the pressure
What is the troposphere?
- The layer the lies next to the Earth's surface
- The lowest layer of the atmosphere
What is the stratosphere?
- The layer above the troposphere
- Very thin and contains little moisture
What is the ozone?
- A molecule which consists of three oxygens
- It absorbs solar energy
What is the mesosphere?
- Above the stratosphere
- The coldest layer
- Can go down to -93 degrees celsius
What is the thermosphere?
- The uppermost layer
- Above the mesosphere
- Can reach up to 1700 degrees celsius
What is the ionosphere?
- The upper part of the mesosphere, and the lower part of the thermosphere
- It absorbs solar energy