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items on main stby bus
primary eicas
items on apu stby bus
ca pfd/nd
fmc l
irs on bat light
irs on bat pwr, will shut down in 5 mins
what does eec protect against
overspeed and overboost
eec alt mode loses what functions
overspeed and overboost, and thrust limiting
can we operate with one eec in alt mode
what powers the eecs
self powered
two types of irs alignment
fast- NAV,ALIGN,NAV, 30secs and be at dest. w/in 18hrs of original full alignment
full 10mins requires initialization on INIT REF
what does ATT position on IRS controller provide
dumps all nav data
provides ATTITUDE reference only
requires input from cdu INIT page 5L type in HDG
What iru shuts down while operating on dc power
Center shuts down after 5 minutes. on dc power
when must you accomplish a high lattitude alignment
north of 78 degrees
south of 70 degrees
how long does it take to do a high lattitude alignment
17 minutes (ref supplemental normal procedures)
when do the FMCs split operations
north 84 degrees/south 84 degrees
how do you tell all irs are aligned
no timer remaining on nd
IRs(3) shows on bottom of nd
yaw damper online.
what is funcion of utility buses
automatic load shedding
does the utility power off light illuminate during load shedding
what is the function of the bus tie switch
connect/isolate respective ac bus to the sync bus
auto and manual fuction
6.20.15 electrical schematic
bus tie switch AUTO illuminated
system armed for auto operation
bus tie switch ISOL illuminated
the respective ac bus has been isolated from the sync bus
what is the function of the GCU
regulates generator volts/freqs. and can disconnect gen from elec. system
GCU switch to OFF
disconnected gen.
reset fault logic.
what is function of IDG disc switch
disconnect IDG from engine.
can only be reset on ground
auto disconnect for high temp
what would illuminate drive light
high temp
low qty
freq. fault
describe A/C hydraulic system
2 ADP (pos 1+4)
2 Electrical demand pumps (pos 2+3)
1 aux pump elec. sys 4
systems on number one hydraulic system
inbd t/e flap
nose/body gear
nose/body dear steering
left outboard/inbd aileron
alternate brakes
left elevator
systems on number two
yaw damp
elevator trim
alternate brakes
when do demand pumps operate automatically
ground: flaps in transit
air: flaps out of up and gear down.
when does aux. hyd pump operate
shuts off when engine 4 EDP produces pressure.
what does the edp switch do
depressurizes the edp
what condition causes a HYD SYS FAULT light on the overhead panel to illuminate
low sys press
low quantity at the reservior
high temp
when demand pump switch in aux why does pressure light stay illuminated vol II 13.20.4
because press light is looking at the demand pump pressure, not the aux pump pressure
what page views hyd system information
secondary eicas HYD, STAT
what is the function of emergency light switch
armed- on with loss of dc
on- on
upperdeck switch overrides all flight deck switch position
what are the emergency lights on the freighter
door lights
aisle lights
illumenescent exit lights
slide lights
what is the function of observer audio switch
use of C audio panel to L or R position
what does not transfer with selection of observer audio system
PTT switch
how can you talk to main cargo deck
cargo/cabin switch to on position and transmit on flt interphone
fuel transfer switch 1-4 uses
guarded, normal ops valves stay closed.
jettison opens valves automatically.
use in accordance with checklist
opens transfer valves from 1 to 2 and 3 to 4
what is the indication of engine fire
master warning
fire bell
fire switch lit
fuel cutoff switch lit
what happens with pulling the engine fire switch
HYD EDP depress
arm squib
fuel spar valve closes
generator trips
bleed air shutdown
how many engine fire bottles and location
2 in each wing
between engines in wing
what kind of detection system is the engine fire detection system
a dual loop system
cargo detection fire detection
dual loop
air sampling system
cargo fire indications
red light in main deck or lower cargo arming system
master warning
fire bell
eicas message
main deck cargo fire arm switch
shuts down pack 2&3
configures closed loop air system
trim air off
arms suppression system to depressurize aircraft
what happens when you arm lower lobe fire extinguishing system
arms squib
air system to override(smoke)
turns off pack 2& 3
closes master trim air valve
what happens for main deck when the CARGO FIRE/MAIN DECK DISCHARGE button
A/C depressurized to fl250
what happens for lower lobe cargo when the fire system is discharged
two bottles fire immediately
then after a short delay (or landing) the other two bottles fire for 210 mins of total suppression
engine thrust
where can you read n1, n2
n1, primary eicas
n2, eng eicas
start egt
takeoff egt
960 5 mins
max continuous
max n1,n2
117.5, 112.5
max continuous oil temp.
max transient oil temp.
160-175 15 mins
min oil press
engine limit display markings
max. red
amber. caution
when is automatic continous ignition provided
when nai on
flaps out of up
during start n2 less than 50%
when is cont. ignition manually selected
icing conditions
volcanic ash
heavy rain
severe turb.
standing water slush/ takeoff
what is displayed on the secondary eicas ENG
n2, oil temp,press, qty, FF, vib
where is the Magenta fuel introduce line displayed
n2 guage with cutoff switch to off
where is crossbleed start information displayed
secondary eicas
autostart protections
no lightoff
pilot watches for what during start
oil pressure rise
tailpipe fire
no n1 before idle n2
what is the memory item for
fuel switch to cutoff
thrust lever to idle
in autostart what happens when the start switch is pulled
arms start valve
opens engine bleed air valve
when should the start switch released
50% n2
what does the white light in the start switch indicate
the starter is engage
what is the NORM selection on the stby ingition give you
with loss of AC power the ignition system is powered by the standby bus and fires both ignitors
stby ignition to 1 position
forcing ignitor 1 on, powered by stby bus
stby ignition to 2 position
forcing ignitor 2 on, powered by stby bus
cont. ignition to on
cont ignition on
appch idle selected
on approach logic fmc
rnp ramps down to .3
warning if actual is greater than RNP
autotunes approach freq/inbound crs.