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What is effleurage?
Effleurage involves the palm on the contours of the body. The movement is toward the heart. Movement is slow and rhythmic.
What is Petrissage?
Petrissage involves lifting, kneading and pressing soft tissue, using alternate pressure and relaxation. Two Types: soothing and stimulating
What is stroking?
Stroking is a finishing movement.
What are vibrations?
Palmar surface of the hand or fingertips. Two types: fine and course.
What is Tapotement?
Tapotement is stimulating movements with rapid variable pressure.
What is shaking and Rocking?
Body Part is physically shaken for 30 seconds.
Who developed Transverse Friction Massage?
Dr. J. Cyriax developed transverse friction massage.
What is the purpose of transverse friction massage?
Transverse Friction massage aims to:
1) Prevent or stop adhesion in contractile tissue
2) Prevent or stop adhesion between ligaments and bone
3)Smooth roughened surfaces between tendons and sheaths
What are some contraindications to massage?
If you have cardiac problems, vericose veins, deep vein thrombosis, massage is not recommended.