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moves to produce movement
the muscle being strecthed
ballistic Stretch
repetitive bouncing movements used for stretching
concentric contraction
muscle shortens while contracting against resistance
eccentric contraction
muscle lengthens while contracting against resistance
the ability to perform repetitive muscular contractions agianst some resistance
plyometric exercise
stretch reflex
proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
alternating contractions and stretches
SAID principle
the body will gradually adapt to the specific demands put upon it
isokinetic contraction
Resistance is given at a fixed velocity of movement with accomodating resistance
isometric contraction
contracts the muscle statically without changing its length
isotonic contraction
Shortens and lengthens the muscle through a complete range of motion
static stretch
stretching an antagonist muscle by placing it in a maximal stretch and holding it there
one rep max