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Red Giants
Larger in size to the sun, a low surface temperature of 3000K .ex:Betelgeuse
White Dwarfs
These stars are much smaller than the sun, and have a high surface temp. of 20,000K,ex:Sirius B
Neutron stars
Has undergone gravitational collapse ,and their core is made up of neutrons.
When a star experiences a shock wave eroding the surface of the core.ex: 1987- SK 69202
rotating neutron stars.They als oemit beams of electromagnetic radiation.Ex: in the crab nebula
Black holes
Gravitatiojnal field at the Surface of the star is strong enough to prevent any electromagnetic waves escaping the surface.They do not emit any light.
Binary stars
Two stars rotating about a common centre
Cepheid variables
Luminosities vary regularly, generally with a period of several days.
Visual Binary
Stars that can visually be observed,orbittin about a commen cnetre.Their masses can be measured in principal.
Eclipsing binary
when a pair of stars periodically eclipse each other.Thus the brightness of the system varies periodically.