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How long does the Moon take to make a complete circuit around the celestial sphere?
About a month
How long is the Sidereal period that it takes for the moon to orbit Earth?
27.32 days
How long is the Synodic period that it takes for the moon to orbit Earth?
29.53 days
From Earth, the moon does not always look the same. Sometimes it is a full circle of light; sometimes it is less than a circle. Is the following statement True or False: The moon's appearance changes because the Earth's shadow covers a different amount of the moon each night
False, From Earth, we see different portions of the moon's surface lit by the sun, causing the phases of the moon.
How many times does the moon rotate one its axis during one orbit around the earth?
Once. This is called synchronous rotation
How long is a lunar day?
1. 24 hours
2. About 27 days
3. About 29.5 days
4. About 365 days
5. It depends on your location on the Moon; some places the sun never sets
3. About 29.5 days or one month
Imagine that you live on the side of the Moon that faces Earth. What is the relationship between the phase of Earth seen from the Moon to the phase of the Moon seen from Earth?
1. Opposite
2. The same
3. Shifted by 1/4 cycle
4. No discernable relationship
5. The Earth would not have phases
1. Opposite
During what phase of the moon does a Solar eclipse occur?
New moon
During what phase of the moon does a lunar eclipse occur?
Full moon
How would eclipses be different if the moon's orbit were not tipped with respect to the plane of Earth's orbit?
1. There would be no difference
2. There would be more solar and lunar eclipses
3. There would be fewer solar and lunar eclipses
4. There would be more solar eclipses, but not change in lunar.
5. There would be more lunar eclipses, but the saem solar.
2. There would be more solar and lunar eclipses