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charge-coupled device
a type of solid state silicon wafer designed to detect photons
electromagnetic spectrum
the entire array or family of electromagnetic radiation
gamma ray
the most energetic form of electromagnetic radiation
light-gathering power
a measure of how much light a telescope intercepts and brings to a focus
the number of times larger in angular diameter an object appears through a telescope in comparison to a naked eye
a discrete unit of electromagnetic energy
radio wave
long wavelength electromagnetic radiation
reflecting telescope
main light gatherer is a mirror
refracting telescope
principle light gatherer is a lens
the apparent change in a stars brightness
the distance between 2 successive peaks in a wave
a method of increasing resolving power by combining electromagnetic radiation obtained by two or more telescopes
objective lens
lens of a refracting telescope
eyepiece lens
a magnifying lens used to view the image produced at the focus of an image
primary mirror
the large, concave, light gathering mirror in a reflecting telescope