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What is Habitable
We are asking whether it offers Enviromental conditions under which life can survive.
What is a extrasolar planet
A planet which orbits around another star.
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Involve scanning the skies for signals brodcast by aliens
Solar System
We know our planet is one of eight planets in our solar system which also consists of the sun, moons, countless smaller objects including asteroids, comets, and specks of interplanetary dust.
Milky Way Galaxy
We are one small part of the galaxy in our universe.
Light Year
One light year is 10 Trillion Kilometers , it is the time it takes lite to travel in a year.
Big Bang
The universe began in a state of extremely high density and temperature and has ben expanding and cooling ever since.
Nuclear fusion
During a stars life fuculear fusion combines hydrogen nuclei to make one helium nucleus, energy is released because a helium nucleus has slightly less mass than the four hydrogen nuclei.