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Four "F" words
Professional Development stages
2.Formal Preperation
4.Continuing Growth
National Education Association
-Views teachers as professionals
-Support policies that give teachers more control
-Reconizes teachers strikes for improving conditions and salaries
American Federation of Teacher
-Affiliated with AFL-CIO
-Views teachers like employees of large coporations
-Embraces the strike as a bargaining tool
Change in Learner Population
Diversity, Bilingual Education, Multicultural Education, Total Immersion, Inclusion, Special Education Teachers
Teachers responsibilities range across the board (multitask)
Things happen all at once in a classroom (prioritize)
Situations that require immediate response (act quickly under stress)
Learners reactions may not always be consistent (ready for interruptions)
Learners will observe everything you do (mannerism/impressions)
Class History
A culture that is unique with each class (interaction)
Learner Population
-Bilingual Ed.
-Multicultural Ed.
-Total Immersion
Changes in theories of teaching and learning
Constructivism-Individuals can not be given knowledge they must gain it through interaction with the outside world
Multi Intelligences-Intelligence is not unitary trait but consist of a number of seperate categries
There are many debates regarding the purpose of education: Standard Based Ed.
Clear measurable descriptions of what learners should know and what teachers shoul teach
Measured by standardized tests
Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium
10 principles of what a beginning teacher should know and be able to do
Praxis Series
Evaluation of individuals preparing for careers in education given at various points in professional development PI, PII, PIII
School Choice
Let students choose schools outside of the attendance zone
Voucher Plans
Parents recieve tax money to use to pay for their children to go to the school of their choice
Charter Schools
Public schools that can be founded by a variety of groups
Open Enrollment plan
Different from voucher plans in that they do not issue tax funds directly to parents.
Magnet Schools
Have a specific theme that they are especially well known
Teacher salary Schedule
Based on the number of years of experience the techer has
Knowledge and skilled based pay
Reward teachers for acquiring knowledge and skills needed for them to successfully teach standard based cirriculum
Merit Pay
Based on the academic performance of leaners
Grade level or department chairs are responsible for...
Leading all teachers in the building who teach the sam grade. Also most experienced teachers
Cirriculum Leader features leadership in...
Areas as cirriculum planning, in-service planning, and instructional-support planning
School Administrator
Must complet masters degree and meet other specified administrative certification, licensure, or credentialing requirments
School Counselor
Establish master teaching schedule and are incharge of standardized testing
School and buisness partnership and tech-prep programs
Prepare students for the work force