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Hersey & Blanchard's situational leadership model
high task, low relationship
high task, high relationship
low task, high relationship
low task, low relationship
bounded discretion
limited capabilities, time, resources, and other constraints force decision makers to be less than totally rational
satisfice vs. optimize
cannot recognize faces by sight but may recognize people by other cues
standard error of estimate
predicting criterion scores
(construct a CI about a predicted score)
standard error of measurement
construct a CI around an obtained test score
based on SD and reliability coeffecient
Broca's aphasia
anxiety and depression
Wernicke's aphasia
indifference and paranoia
memory loss
thought to be a failure of encoding and retrieval- now evidence supports encoding as the primary reason
test floor
ability to discriminate among examinees at the lower end of the range
identical elements
similarities in the learning and performance environment