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The section of the rehabilitation Act of 1973 dealing with “auxiliary aids.”
Section 504
Specifically AT Assessments should be Ecological and these two other qualities?
Practical and Ongoing
In 1869 this modern mobility was invented
Manual Wheelchair
This period of AT history occurred btwn 1900-1972
“Establishment Period”
This period of AT history included the invention of the Braille Calculator.
“Empowerment Period”
This 1990 Act ensures that people with disabilities are not discriminated against?
Americans with disabilities act.
This 97 act defines assistive technologies as both devices and services.
IEDA: Individuals with disabilities Act
This Category of AT refers to devices and adaptations that help facilitate learning
Instructional aides
This 98 act deals mostly with financing assistive tech
“tech act”
This category of AT refers to best posture to allow maximum effiencey and comfort
This 1918 act indented to help veterans with disabilities re-enter American life
Soldier Rehabilitation Act
This category of AT helps people communicate with each other
Augmentative or Alternative communication
This category of AT refers to the use of devices that allow the person to manipulate the environment to allow daily environment.
Adaptive environments
Interviews as well as these are good in collection data from teachers
Rating scales
Adaptive frameworks include considering, selection and this other factor
Scribes are being replaces by this category of AT software
Voice Recognition
Collaborative thinking is often blamed for this AT problem in implementation.
It has been said that for AT to be effected it must be meshed with what three items
Other devices, services, and individuals