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One individual can control and effectively supervise which work groups?
Shows the responsabilities of components in the organization.
Functional Chart
Outlines the basic relationships of an organization in a simple manner.
Structural Chart
Uses information from structural, functional, and position charts.
Combination Chart
Shows names, positions, and titles of personnel assigned.
Position Chart
The best chart to use for simple organizations.
Combination Chart
Which term identifies a course of action (COA) devised for the accomplishment of a specific objective according to a time schedule?
A plan without specific orders or directives is based on which elements?
When the required MA manpower strength is being determined what factors should be considered?
Geographic aspects of area of operation.
Capabilities of organic units.
Confinement facility requirements.
Consolidating the various functions of a MA facility will help reduce which requirements?
Administrative Overhead
What term identifies a common-sense, systematic method of analyzing problems, developing solutions, and installing improvements?
Work Simplification
Work methods may be improved by analyzing which factors?
Work distribution and volume.
Steps in a sequence of operations.
Physical motions and space arrangements.
A systematic approach to reduce crime risks.
Crime Risk Management
The observing of persons and places considered crime producing.
Crime Repression
A program designed to deal with the control or prevention of specific types of crime based on a pattern of occurrence.
Crime Prevention Campaign
To discourage naval personnel from participating in activities conducive of crime.
Crime Repression
An on-site evaluation of the crime prevention program of a unit, section, office, or other facility.
Crime Prevention Inspection
What are the two factors present in the commission of any criminal activity?
Desire and Opportunity
What term identifies a direct crime patrol method that applies to before-the-fact efforts?
Crime Prevention
Which methods are applied to crime repression?
Crime Prevention Survey
Crime Inspection
Crime prevention is designed to reduce what human element?
What type of survey should be initiated when the rate of offenses and incidents increases?
Crime Prevention
When planning a crime prevention survey, civilian establishments visited by military personnel should receive primary emphasis.
Facts obtained from a crime prevention survey can reveal that a civilian establishment should be placed off limits.
A survey of civilian establishments can result in a recommendation for reducing, establishing, or eliminating patrols.
The same investigative techniques used to investigate crime should be used to conduct crime prevention surveys.
What term identifies the science of the systematic collection, classification, tabulation, and interpretation of numerical facts?
When you use statistics in a crime prevention program, what is the first corrective step to take?
Isolate specific aspects of the problem.
What statistical calculation are helpful to the MA in determining where the problem areas are?
Rate & Percentage
A percentage is calculated on the basis of what numerical value?
The MA will find most of the statistical data required from which sources?
Records and Reports
Compares various components with each other and the whole.
Pie Chart
Used to depict numerical values of a given item over a period of time.
Vertical Bar
Used when data covers a long period of time.
Curve Chart
Used to depict locations of incidents or accidents.
Spot Map
The primary purpose of a frequency distribution table is to depict which data?
Number, time, or place of violations by category.
How should changes be made to publications and directives?
Inserting new pages
Removing obsolete pages
Writing changes with pen
Where can information be found concerning the organizational structure of the Navy.
Navy Regulations
What authority sets forth the basic policies, standards, and procedures for the operation of Navy confinement facilities?
Chief of Naval Operations
What is the subject of Part III of the Manual for Courts-Martials.
Rules of Evidence
Which publication contains information regarding delivery of service members?
Who prepares the US Navy Uniform Regulations?
Chief of Naval Personnel
Which OPNAV instructions pertains to US Navy Physical Security and Loss Prevention?
Information pertaining to honors and ceremonies can be found in what publication?
NTP 13 & US Navy Regulations
What authority distributes the Navy Information and Personnel Security Program Regulation?
Chief of Naval Operations