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From whom should you obtain authorization to conduct a polygraph examination?
Director NCIS
The polygraph examiner is prohibited from conducting examination when, in the examiner's opinion, the person fits which descriptions?
Physically fatigued.
Known to have mental disorder.
Below the age of reason.
Upon completion of the polygraph examination, the examiner may come to one of how many conclusions?
The subject is informed that the examination has been completed and the charts will be subjected to a detailed analysis.
No deception
The examinee is deliberately distorting the charts.
No opinion
The examiner interrogates the examinee and attempts to determine the causes of specific responses.
Deception indicated.
The examinee has a cold and rapport is not established.
The examinee seems to suffer from a permanent psychological disorder.
No opinion
After the subject leaves the room the examiner carefully evaluates the charts and confers with the investigator if doubt exits.
No deception
A subsequent examination may be made by the original examiner without obtaining additional approval.
When evidence is searched for in large outdoor areas, it is advisable to divide the area into strips approximately how wide?
4 ft.
When you search indoors or outdoors, the search area may be divided into what type of areas?
Zones or Sectors
Evidence may not be released to any person other than the evidence custodian without supervisor approval.
Properly prepared sketches are useful for which of the following reasons?
Preparing reports
Questioning witnesses
Refreshing your memory
A sketch provides the best means of portraying distances between objects at the scene.
What method of sketching should be used for indoor sketches?
What consideration is most important in crime scene photography?
Maintaining perspective
Controls the amount of time the light is allowed to reach the film.
Shutter speed
Controls the amount of light transmitted to the film.
Lens speed
Identifies the sensitivity of the film to light.
Film speed
Controls the amount of light entering the lens.
Determines the light value of a scene or object
Exposure meter
Classified as slow, medium, or fast.
Film speed
What are the two general categories of color film?
Negative and Positive
Physical evidence is one of the most valuable assets in pursuing an investigation to a succesful conclusion.
Which techniques are used to achieve the maximum benefit from physical evidence?
Physical evidence is divided into a total of how many general categories?
A wall, floor, or telophone pole would be what category of evidence?
Which individuals must be able to authenticate a piece of evidence at a later date?
Person who first receives it.
Correct ID of evidence occurs when the member taking custody of the evidence promptly marks and tags the item.
Evidence should be inscribed with which two items?
Initials of collector and date and time.
Which actions you as the evidence collector should NOT do when marking evidence?
Destroy latent charasteristics
Reduce the object's function
Devalue the object
When an item of evidence cannot be marked without destroying evidentiary characteristics, which actions should be taken?
Place the item in a sealed container and mark it for identification.
What individual appoints the evidence custodian and the alternate?
What method should be used to enter items on the evidence custody document?
Typed or printed in ink
What should be done with the second copy of the evidence/property custody document.
Attach it to the ICR
The evidence log and all supporting documentation should be retained for a minimum of how many years?
Approved evidence containers and storing room requirements are outlined in which publication?
The combinations of all evidence containers must be changed in which situations?
When a new SO is appointed
When suspected breach of evidence security occurs.
A complete inventory of evidence and reconciliation of documents must be accomplished at least how often?
Which individuals should NOT be involved in an evidence inventory?
An interested third party.
Which individuals should be involved in an evidence inventory?
Evidence custodian
Alternate evidence custodian
Of the methods of evidence transmittal, which one is NOT authorized?
Second-Class Mail
What methods of evidence transmittal are authorized?
Registered Mail
First-Class Mail
Freight or Hand Carry
Which materials may NOT be transmitted through the US Mail?
What is the final link in the evidence custody chain?