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Which methods are used to determine supply outlets of illicit drugs
Direct purchase
Immediately after using an informant on an illicit drug purchase, what actions should you take?
Conduct a strip search of the informant
You have used an informant for a drug buy and you want the evidence to be admissible. With whom should you consult about the adequacy of the surveillance?
Judge Advocate
After apprehending a suspect of narcotics abuse, you must seize all drugs in his or her possession even if the drugs had been prescribed by medical authorities.
When a suspect has a prescription for a drug in his or her possession, you do not need verification from a medical officer
When referring to substances suspected of being drugs, you must refer to the evidence by its physical appearance.
From what source does the Navy get most of its small arms?
Where are small arms maintenance requirements found?
What is the Navy equivalent of the Army's M1911A1?
Mk 1911 Mod 1
What is the bore diameter of the 12 gauge shotgun?
.729 inches
What function in the small arms cycle of operation keeps the bolt closed after firing to prevent loss of gas pressure?
What two small arms components work together to remove a spent cartridge case from the chamber and expel it from the weapon?
Extractor and Ejector
What type of small arms weapon requires the trigger to be pulled each time a round is to be fired?
What type of small arms operation allows a weapon to keep firing as long as the trigger is kept pulled?
What type of small arms weapon uses the force of the burning propellant to operate the bolt and feeder mechanisms?
In what type of small arms operation are the barrel and bolt locked together for a short time as they travel rearward after firing?
In what type of small arms operation is the weight of the breechbolt an important factor?
What term describes the number of rounds per minute that a weapon can fire in full automatic operation?
Cyclic rate of fire
What type of operation does the M-14 Rifle use?
Where is the safety located on the M-14 rifle?
Forward of the trigger guard
What device activates the bolt lock of an M-14 rifle to hold the bolt in the rearward position after the last round is fired?
The magazine follower
What is the A1 upgrade to the M-16 rifle?
The forward assists mechanism
Why is it preferable to load an M-16A1 rifle with the bolt open?
It reduces the likelihood of first round stoppages
How many rounds of ammunition does the tubular magazine of the M870 shotgun hold when fully loaded?
Where is the safety located on the M870 shotgun?
In the rear of the trigger guard
What must the operator do to pump the fore-end to the rear if the M870 shotgun is cocked?
Press the action bar lock
What is the function of the action bar lock on an M870 shotgun?
It aligns each round of ammunition for proper seating and locks the action closed
At what point in movement of the fore-end of an M870 shotgun is a round of ammunition released from the tubular magazine to be fed into the chamber?
When the action bar lock is released after firing.
What type of operation does the M60 machine gun use?
What is the maximum effective range of the M60 machine gun?
1200 yards
How many clicks of the windage knob on an M60 machine gun would be necessary to correct for a 5 yard discrepancy when firing at a target 1000 yards away?
5 clicks
The M60 machine gun is designed to function semiautomatically as long as ammunition is fed into the gun and the trigger is held to the rear.
On the M60 machine gun, what part drives the operating rod and bolt forward
Sear notch
What action causes the bolt of an M60 machine gun to lock into the barrel?
The operating rod yoke rides against the bolt camming slot turn the bolt one quarter turn clockwise
What causes the firing pin to strike the primer of a chambered round in an M60 machine gun?
The firing pin is carried forward into the primer by the operating rod yoke
What action of the M60 machine gun causes the firing pin spring to fully compress?
The operating rod yoke moving to the rear against the firing pin spool
Which action cocks the M79 grenade launcher
Opening the grenade launcher
What is accomplished when the barrel locking latch of the M79 grenade launcher is moved all the way to the right?
The safety is engaged
What is considered battle sight range for the M79 grenade launcher?
165-265 feet
Failure to accomplish what action causes most accidents involving weapons?
Inspect the chamber
When firing small arms, what might a light recoil indicate?
An obstructed bore
What instruction governs the security of Navy small arms?
There are a total of how many important elements of marksmanship?
Marksmanship training is divided into a total of how many phases?
What is the purpose of preparatory marksmanship?
To establish correct shooting habits
With regards to marksmanship, the cause of most target misses is improper.
Trigger control