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Your client has a subacute ankle sprain. What is the best stroke to facilitate recovery of this type of injury?
Transverse friction
Your client has psorisis on his back. He desires a full body massage. What is the most appropriate course of action?
Complete the massage, but avoid the affected area
your client explains that they have been diagnosed with phlebitis. What is the best response?
Explain that you want to research and consult with her doctor because certain conditions are contrainindicated; reschedule
Which of the following are contraindicated for massage>
Abnormal lunps, acute fever, acute imflammation
You suspect that you client has impetigo. What should you do?
Reschedule, suggest that the client see doctor.
Your client has chronic low back problems. While prone, she complains of pain in the low back What should you do first?
Place pillow under abdomen
Your client comes in with extremely painful whiplash. He was in an auto accident yesterdaym his neck is very stiff and sorem and he thinks massage will help. What is the best course of action?
Refer and to physician first and reschedule
Kinesiology is the study of:
body movement and the relationship of groups of muscles and their movement
When massaging Adductor Longus, and Sartorius, what structures are to be avoided?
Femorial triangle
Relaxation of contracted muscles following massage can BEST be explained by:
The affect on nerve impulses involved in resetting muscle tone
Your client has varicose veins. What would be a incorrect statement?
It is OKAY to massage the area if you use very light guiding strokes
The mechanical effects of massage include
Disruption of adhesions and stretching the muscle
A therapist should be concerned with hygene at all times. What is the most important hygiene habit?
Clean hands and nails
The PRIMARY goal of post-event sports massage is to :
Re-establish circulation which aids in recovery from negative affects of activity
The most widely recognized physiological effect of massage is:
Increase blood and lymph drainage
Your client complains of muscle cramp in her gastrocnemium. Which technic should be used in reducing muscle cramping?
Reciprocal Inhibition stretching technique
All soft tissue is controlled by by :
Nervous system
When Massaging over an injured linb, you should start:
Proximal to the injury
Tapotment techniques are described below as:
massage reduces pain because:
Affecting- nociceptive stimulation; processing of noxious stimulation;the conduction of pain impulses
Ice massage is effective in reducing pain because:
It affects the conduction of pain impulses.
Fibromylagia may be best treated by:
Connective tissue massage ( myofacial release, friction, kneading.
The purpose of gliding strokes is to:
Determine your clients pain tolerance, evaluate the slients soft tissue, enhance venous blood flow and lymphatic flow.
The best stroke to free adhesions in the muscle belly is:
Friction is:
Primarily used to reach deeper tissue, especially around the joint spaces and bony prominances
Passive movement includes:
Having the client remain relaxed and while the therapist stretches and moves the body part
When evaluating Range of Motion, you ask your client to rotate his head as far to the right as he can. This type of movement is considered to be:
Reciprocal inhibition is a form of stretching which requires the client to:
COntract the antagonist to sucle being stretched, allowing the muscle being stretched to relax
Your client is an ampute: The recommended stroke for treating the stump is:
Your client is suffering forom lymphedema as a result of post-operative trauma and bed rest. Massage can reduce edema in this situation because the best results can produce:
Movement in the edema, An increase un urine output, and increase of blood flow to the area.
YOur client has high blood pressure, and her Doctor recommended massage. Which stroke would you use to help lower blood pressure?
Slow Gliding
Myofacial release is a specialized massage technique which:
Is applied by prolonged, light pressure, often uses skin rolling to prepare the tissue, and warms tissue and releases restrictions between layers of connective tissue.