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Ex vesicles
herpes simplex/zoster, chickenpox, poison ivy, 2nd degree burn
Ex Bulla
contact dermatitis, large burn blisters

* Larger than vesicles
Nodules can be a concer? t/f
true. could be small squamous carcinoma,

Also could be lipoma or dermatofibroma
Patch has what kind of border?
could be irregular
greater than 1 cm
Ex plaque?
actinic keratosis
Ex papules?
elevated nevi, warts
Ex scales?
dandruff, dry skin, psoriais
what is crust?
dried residue of serum, blood or pus
larger than petechiae, color varies and changes (black, green, yellow hues)
assoc. w trauma or bleeding tendencies
large raised collection of blood, creates an elevated ecchymosis
spoon nails cause by ?
iron deficinecy
collaborative problems differ from nursing diagnosis in that....
they cannot be prevented or managed with independent nursing interventions. But, they still can be detected and monitored by the nurse. The nurse may need to refer
when lymph nodes are larger than _____, the client has ______. It one or two groups are enlarged, the client has _______. If three or maore are enlarged, the client has ______
1 cm

regional lymphadenapathy

generalized lymphadenapthy
in chronic infections, lymph nodes merge, in acute they ...

In cancer, they enlarge and remain
remain discrete

fixed in place
tender enlarged nodes are suggestive of ....