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Where is a common site for a hernia in males?
Inguinal area
What is salpingitis?
Tubal infection usually caused by chlamydia and can lead to female infertility
What dietary supplements should women who are taking oral contraceptives take?
-Folic acid
-Vit B
-Vit C
What is phimosis?
A tightening of the foreskin that cannot be retracted.
What is smegma
A white, cheesy secretion from the sebacious gland in the glans and may accumulate under the foreskin.
Where on the male urinary meatus should the glans be located?
It should be at he distal end of the urinary meatus.
What does swelling of the scrotal sac indicate?
-Hydrocele, a collection of serous fluid in the scrotal sac
-torsion, twisting, of the spermatic cord
What is the cremasteric reflex?
when stroking the inner thigh with a blunt instrument the testicle and scrotum should rise on the stroked side
What is the radioimmunoassay
used for?
It can detect estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in men and women.
What are serologic tests used for?
To detect antigen-antibody reactions that occur in response to foreign organisms, such as evaluation of an exposure to syphilis.
What is the rapid plasma reagin test (RPR) used for?
Used to detect, confirm, and monitor cases of syphilis.
What is the prostate-specific antigen test used for?
used to screen for prostate cancer and to monitor the disease after treatment.
What is a hysterosalpingogram?
an x-ray of the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes and is performed with contrast medium. This test should not be done with in 6 weeks of an abortion or delivery.
What is the client preparation for a hysterosalpingogram?
-Should be scheduled for 2-5 days after her menses
-Client should take a LAXATIVE the night before the test
-Rectal suppository the morning of the test
-Ask about allergys to shellfish of iodine
-have the client sign a concent form

What is the client preparation for a mammogram?
Don't wear deoderant, creams or powders