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The K-ABC yeilds 2 processing scores. What are they?
Sequential and simultaneous processing. It is based on Luria's information processing model of intelligence.
What does the embedded figures test measure?
field dependence and independence.

Has been shown to be useful in evaluating those with autistic d/o.
What does Zajonc's confluence theory argue with regard to intellectual development?
Intellectural environment of the home. Specifically, Birth order influences intellectual development.

First born children do slightly better on academic acheivement than later born children.
What are the 5 scales of Holland's Self-Directed Search?
Realistic: physical, mechanical outdoor activiites
Investigative: scientific, mathematical, or analytical tasks

Enterprizing: business, management or sales skills.
Conventional:attention to detail and good organization skills.
What theory of intelligence is the Woodcock-Johnson III based on?
Horn and Cattell's distinction between fluid and crystallized intelligence and Carroll's three stratum theory (general intellectual ability, 8 general factors, and general factors).
What are 2 of the changes have been made on the Stanford-Binet IV?
Performance on the vocab subtest is used to assess where to start on all of the other subtests.

Raw subtest scores for each subtest are converted to standard scores with a mean of 50 and SD of 8.
What would the Strong Interest Inventory be useful in predicting?
Academic choice
Job choice
job persistance
Job satisfaction
What does positive from indicate on the Rorschach Test?
Congruence between response and reality.

Refers to the degree to which the response matches the actual form of the inkblot.
What are the effects of low doses of lead exposure even if the pt appears asymptomatic?
overall decline IQ
deficits on speech processing, attention, and
auditory processing
More recent measures of infant intelligence are better predictors of future cognitive functioning (ex. Fagan's test of Infant Intelligence). What do they measure that makes them better predictors of future cognitive ability?
Recognition memory
Df: Discriminant validity
Type of constuct validity.

Construct validity refers to the degree to which a test measures a theoretical construct. The est. of discriminant validity may include correlating scores on one test to that of another test that measures a different construct.
Df: Content validity
the degree to which a test samples the content domain it purports to sample.
Df: Criterion related validity
the relationshpi between test scores and a criterion measure. Ex.- the correlation between training outcome and job performance.
Df: Construct Validity
degree to which a test measures a theoretical construct.
What is the Kuder-Richardson 20 used for?
to determie internal consistency reliability used when all the items are scored dichotomously (yes/no).
What is the K scale on the MMPI-2?
Random responding. The examinee has randomly selected true and false responses.