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-O: onset
-L: location
-D: duration
-C: characteristics
-A: aggrevations
-R: relieving factors
-T: treatments
Diagnostic Studies
-Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)
-Arterial Blood Gases (ABG)
-Throat Culture
-Sputum Specimen
-Chest X-Ray
-Pulse Oximetry
Seizure Precautions
-Provide safe environment
-Pad side rail (up x 4)
-Lower to floor if standing
-Record: Time, Type, VS, Incontinent,
Cold Application
-Causes vasoconstriction
-Helps control bleeding
-Decreases swelling
-Uses: Trauma, Injury, Spasms
> 4L of air needs to be humidified
Aqua Pad
-Do not place over open wound, localized tumor, bleeding, or imflammed area
-Filled w/ distilled water
-Usually 110-115 F
-Wrap in towel
-Secure w/ tape or gauze
-Assess pts skin frequently for burns
-Allen's: aerterial circulation
-Holman's: venous circulation in the lower extremities for clots (DVT)
-Breugger's Sign: venous circulation in the upper extremities
Normal Ranges for Vital Signs
Respiratory Rate: 12-20
Temperature: 98.6 F (>97 <99)
Heart Rate: 60-100 BPM
BP: 90-149/50-90
Heat Application
-Causes vasodilation (which increases blood flow)
-Increases phogocytes to area
-Promotes soft tissue healing
-Uses: musculo-skeletal problems, joint stiffness, muscle spasms
Neuro Assessment
-Pupil Dilation
-Orientation to person, place & time
-Grip and foot strength
-Pupils: Accomidation and consentual
Location of Heart Sounds
-Aortic: Right Sternal 2nd IC space
-Pulmonic: Left Sternal 2nd IC space
-Tricuspid: Left Sternal 5th IC space
-Mitral: Lft Midclavicular 5th IC space
-Erbs: Left Sternal 3rd IC space
Circulation of Heart
-S1 (lub): closing of AV valves
(tricuspid & mitral)
-S2 (dub): closing of semilunar valves
(pulmonic & aortic)
Normal Lab Values
-Hematoglobin: m(13.5-17.5 g/dl)
f(11.5-15.5 g/dl)
-Hematocrit: m(44-52%) f(39-47%)
-Albumin: (3.5-5.5 g/dl)
*Sodium: 136-145
*Potassium: 3.5-5.2
*Chloride: 96-106
-Glucose: 70-110 mg/dl
-Total Cholesterol: <200 mg/dl
*HDL: 35-85 mg/dl
*LDL: <130 mg/dl
-BUN: 8-28 mg/dl
-Calcium: 8.5-10.5 mg.dl
-Creatine: 0.6-1.2 mg/dl
-Uric Acid: 2.5-8 mg/dl
-Magnesium: 1.8-3.0 mg/dl
-Phosphorus: 2.3-4.7 mg/dl
C to F Conversion
C = (F - 32)5/9
greater than 100 BPM
Less than 60 BPM