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What are two field compoents that make up a radio Wave?
Electric and Magnetic
What is a carrier wave?
A basd unmodualted frequency
What are the two types of Modulation?
AM and FM
What type of modulation is used for wireless mics and IEM systems?
What two types of audio are Processing used in transmitting and recieving?
Pre and Post Emphasized Eq and Companding
What does "True Diversity" mean?
The ability to Sample radio signals from two or more locations
What diversity design is most commonly Used?
Recieving switching
What is the Miniumn Antenna size for transmitting and recieving?
1/4 The wavelength that you are trying to transmitt or recieve
Name 4 types of Antennas
Ground Plane,LPDA,Yagi, Helical
What is the best way to Maintain maxium effiency between transmitting and recieving Antenna?
Maintain line of sight
Two types of Antenna Distribution?
Passive and Active
What causes drop outs and and Noise ups and Hits?
Drop outs, Dead Batteries, and Obstructions
What is the purpose of the squelch circuit?
Mute Audio when RF fails beleow threshold
Why should you Turn on Amps after Other gear?
You dont want to pop the system
Name some methods to test a driver?
Sine wave sweep, Battery and digital Multimeter
Name 3 benefits of using Ferrofulid
Heat Dissapation, Coil centering and Mechanical Damping
Name 3 types of Material used to make compression Driver Diaphragms?
Titanium, Aluminmun and Berellyum
What is Dynamic Rnage?
Peak level- Peak Floor
What is Thermal Noise
Electronic Noise
Why are we forced to deal with a systems gain structure?
No standard Peak level and or Noise floor
How many volts DOES 0dBu equal
What is the benifit of Laying out a sustems gain structure on paper?
Good Purchase and Design decision
How can we adjust a systems gain structure
Pad cslc, On board controls, External Pads,STP1 ATTENUATOR
What is the purpose of a system Limitor?
Early warning sign for system protection
What ratio setting is best for a system Limmitor
What are some ways to determine clipping points
Ossiciolscope, Peizo driver, On board Indicators
What is another name for a Constant voltange system?
High Impedance, 70volt, Distributed
Where are constant voltage systems mainly found?
Commercial Establishments
Why is a transformer reqiuired at each speaker in a distributed system?
Commercial power distribution
What are some speaker ratings
70.7 , 100, 25 volts