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How does an Ambient Microphone fed into a musicians in ear monitor mix help the musician?
It helps the musicans hear crowd response, Helps with localization when using Isolating Molds, Allows Communication on stage
What does the term Loop Unity Gain refer to?
Describe ways we can improve Gain before feedback
Use as few mics as possible, Mic as close to source as possible, Take advantage of Speaker and Mic Directionality, Place the speaker as close to the listener as possible, Maximize distance between mics and speakers
In what 4 ways is EMI Transmitted or introduced into an Audio system?
Common Impedance coupling, Electric field coupling, Magnetic Field Coupling
What are some ways we can reduce levels of EMI
Figure 8,twisted, Separation, Sheilds, Isolation, Fix pin 1 problem, Balenced Interconnection
Explain how a balenced differential input is able to reduce EMI?
Common Mode Rejection
What is the most common system used for Technical grounding in an audio system?
Isolated star ground
What is the solution to Pin 1 Problem?
Tie pin 1 to chassis ground
What are the 3 primary factors determining power loss in speaker runs?
Length, Load and Gauge
What is the 5% rule?
Cable resistance should never exceed 5% of load resistance
Name some duties of a tour manager?
Deal with Band, Transportation, Lodging, Entourage, keep contracts in order
Name some of the duties of a production Manager?
Backline, Staging,Lighting, Deal with crew, Catering
What is the difference between Multimode and Single mode?
single mode is used for Outdoors and Multimode is used for indoors
Advantages to Fiber Optics Over copper?
Security, Immune to EMI, Higher bandwidth, and Longer distances
Name two methods used to splice Fiber Cables
Fusion and Mechanical
What does Fs stand for?
Resonant frequency of a driver
What does Vas stand for?
Volume of air in Cubic feet having the Same compliance as the drivers suspension
What are 5 types of responses winspeakerz can predict?
frequency response,Group Delay ,Excursion,Impedance and Phase
Why are volume Dispacement values important
Displacemt affect enclosure volumes, and Volume affects systems resonant frequency
Why is a transformer required at each speaker to in a distrubuted system?
To step down the voltage
What are 3 voltages commonly used in constant voltage audio system
100 volts, 25 volts, 70.7 volts
What is the rule when figuring out an amplifier output wattage for constant voltage system?
total wattage + 20%
What are the two component that make up a radio wave?
Electric and Magnetic
Two types of Modualtion?
AM and FM
What are the two types of Audio Processing are used in transmitting and recieving?
Pre and Post Emphasise EQ and Companding
What does the term true diversity mean?
The Ability to sample a radio field from two or more locations
What is the minium antenna size for transmitting and recieving?
1/4th the wavelength you are trying to transmitt or recieve
Name the two types of Antenna distribution?
Passive and active
Name some methods used to test a driver
Battery, Digital Multimeter, Sine wave sweep
Name 3 benifits of using Ferrofluid?
Heat dissapation,Coil Centering and Mechanical Damping
3 types of Material used to make a compression driver
Why are we forced to deal with a system gain structure?
No standard peak level or Noise floor
How many volts does 0dBu equal?
.775 volts
What 4 methods are used to determine clip points in a system?
Oscilloscope,Piezo driver, On Board Indicator
3 common Network Topologies?
Star, Ring and Bus
What is cobranet Technology
combination of hardware, Network Protocol, and firmware
How many channels of Digital Audio can a system using cobranet carry on a 100base T Network?
64 channels
What is the Job of a conductor in a cobranet System?
Keep time
At what point should Front fill speakers Overlap?
-6dB down of the first row listeners
Name some important considerations when using Delay towers
Many small is better than 1 big, Maintain Axis, Dont Crank them
What is the difference between Directivity factor and Directivity Index?
Describes beamwidth expressed in Q