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Linac, receptionist
Casey (irish name, but English)
Princip's sec (linac)
Joe (rem Joana Paine who worked with me; alex Cock: b. friend)
Linac (coll. sec)
Jackie (tall & manly)
Linac, bursary & battle
New Linac card obtained
12 Dec. 2006
Iltaf Hus' check received on..?
11 Dec 2000 Asia's bank
Roger's lessons with Mona
less. 1. Tuesday 13 Dec. 2 1/2 hourd

Lesson 2. Wedenesday 14 Dec (2 to 6 pm. 1 hour talking about music): 3 hours in all
Almut present sent
Tues 13 Dec.
Insolin Nurse & details
Nurse Catherine Green
Practising how to inject wednesday 13 December.

Which side of Tummy to use. Monday on the right, Tuesday on the left and so on.