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(What three concepts formed the basis of Confucianism?)
Founded by Confucius
Main teachings:
-Every person has his/her place in society
-Duties to one's parents are of utmost importance
-Promote those who are most able
-Human beings are naturally good
-There are proper ways to treat the elderly and the young
-When others do not treat you well, think of how you could improve yourself
Focus on social order
(Respect for one's elders, importance of family, and reverence for the part and one's ancestors)
Concerned with politics
Want powe --> Belief in harsh laws
Human nature = heartless and untrustworthy
Break rules --> Severe consequences
Legalism = Dictatorship/Totalitarianism
Silt deposits
China's Sorrow
Yellow (Huang) River
Called China's Sorrow because it overflows often and causes lots of desruction
A form of government in which one person holds all of the political power
Taoism (Daoism)
Focuses on harmony in nature
yin and yang
-yin = female, passive, bright
-yang = male, active, dark
Shun politics
Do not value material wealth, fame, or power
Go with the flow
Live in accordance to "the Dao" or "the way"
Great Wall
(Why was the Great Wall of China built?)
Over a thousand miles long
Built by tons of people who many died in the process
(Built for protection and to defend the Chinese borders)
Civil Service
Someone who works for the people
Police officers
Silk Road
A series of trade route in China connecting numerous different places (China, Asia Minor, the Mediterranean)
Art of writing in a structured and script-like form
Noble Truths - SUFFERING
Discouraged animal sacrifice
Discouraged offerings to priests
Levels of existence (Diety, human, animal, hungry ghosts, and inhabitants of hell)
Believe in reincarnation
Mandate of Heaven
Justifies the overthrown of leaders if they are not doing their job properly
A philosopher in ancient China who believe in Taoism/Daoism
The use of pressure or needles to pinpoint areas to relieve stress or pain in the body
any being who has become fully enlightened and has experienced nirvana
the underlyig order in nature and life
Lotus Sutra

AOne of the most popular and influential sutras

Buddhist scriptures
Why did China think of itself as the center of the civilized world?
Never moved around
Had a constant language
Why did Legalists wish to burn many writings of their time?
Wanted power
Perhaps, wanted themselves to prevail and other religions/beliefs to fail
A goal of buddhism, the end of the cycle of rebirth
A being who postpones complete nirvana to help other beings
Check out the geography of China (Major countries, cities, rivers, and mountains)
Concept of writing
Chinese were the few with a written language

Chinese spoke many dialects but everyone could understand the written language because it wasn't accented

Developed Ideographs (made of 2 parts - a signifier, or idea sign, and a phonetic sound sign)
What did Confucius believe about the role of government in society?
Government and society in China were grounded in the Confucian philosophy, which held that there was a basic order in the universe and a natural harmony linking man, nature, and the cosmos (heaven);
How did Confucianism influence the development of the Chinese civil service system?
Confucius believed that government and society went together so Confucius helped people help society with the Chinese civil service