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What was the first civilization of Mexico we know of?
the Olmecs
What strange things were left behind from the Olmec... the only things we have left from them? And when did they "vanish?"
HUGE stone heads, from when they vanished in 300 BC
They were massive stone structures...
What was the name of the Olmec's major civilization center, how long did it dominate, and at its peak, how many people were in it?
Teotihucan; 1000 years; 100,000 people
Why was Teotihucan abandoned in 700 AD?
nobody knows!
Who came after the Olmecs, but before the Aztecs?
During the Toltec "era," the cult of this feathered serpent God was expanded...
What was the downfall of the Toltecs?
Division in worship
Motecuhzoma ruled the _____________ during 1 Reed.
The Aztecs existed in...
a) Mexico
b) Peru / Ecuador
c) Argentina
a) Mexico
it's not c.
What was the capital of the Aztec empire?
What was the creation story for the Aztecs?
They rose from the equator through 7 caves into lake Aztlan. From there they were sent on a journey to find a better place to live, people are pushed into the swamps, and they see the religious sign (eagle grasping snake on a cactus).
Think of the Mexican flag
What does "egalitarian" mean?
equal society.
Order the following social classes:

Commoners, Priest, Warriors, Emporer, Slaves, Nobles
Emporer, Priest, Warriors, Nobles, Commoners, Slaves
Warriors are above nobles...
What were the three ways you could be a slave in the Aztec society?
1) Sold by your parents
2) Captured in battle
3) Commit a crime
What was the following God "all about"?

God of war, likes sacrifice by fire, Hummingbird Wizard god
What was the following God "all about"?

"trickster," Smoking Mirror god
What was the following God "all about"?

savior, born of a virgin, Feathered Serpent god
According to the Aztecs, how has the world been destroyed in the past?
1) Jungle cats
2) Winds
3) Fiery rain
4) Floods
When do the Aztecs predict the world will end again?
12/23/2012 - AD
According to the Aztecs, when did the world begin?
8/13/3114 - BCE
What was the time period for the Mayans?
2000 BCE - 1500 AD
Who was Deyago Delaga?
A catholic priest who wanted the Mayans to convert to christianity, but lost it when they remained pagan and destroyed all their books except 4
Holy man with the Mayans...
What was the Mayan name for the underworld?
How did the Mayans use drugs and alcohol?
in EXTREME amounts... they would get incredibly drunk and high for spiritual purposes
What was the purpose of bloodletting?
Blood was seen as the most priceless and holy thing you could give to the Gods, so blood was given as an offering
When did the Incas reach their peak?
What are the Incas?
a culmination of 10,000 years of adaptations and many cultures; reshaped mountainscapes by their expert engineer work
Garments worn by an Inca emperor were...
Worn once and burned
not kept, but...
How were the ancestors of the Inca treated?
Honored and even worshipped! Mummification was a prominent practice.
What is "trephination" and what was its purpose?
Surgery on the skull without use of anesthesia, for letting evil out and enhancing attractiveness
The Nazce people were famous for what?
Mysterious lines in the desert... theories vary about their existance.
Why did Pizarro invade Peru?
In search of gold and riches
What was the ransom proposed by Atahuallpa when Pizarro took him hostage?
Riches filled to a line in the room he was held captive in
He painted a line in the room...