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at the beginning of the 20th century, a barber seeing a chinese man without a _____ could have him arrested
The conflict in the 20th century is represented by two men: __________ and ____________
Mao Tse-Tung/Chiang Kai-Shek
After the revolution in 1911, the ________ moved in to fill the political world
The warlords were usually landlords who were supported by a ___________
certain foreign power
most foreigners lived in areas called_______
The chinese hated foreigners because the foreigners wanted to _____________
divide china
______ was the leader of the Nationalist party and was a cgarusnatuc figure and a good speech maker
Sun Yat-Sun
Sun needed help in defeating the warlords, but the only nation that would help him was___________
Soviet union
The soviet union helped sun establish the ________ Chiang Kai-Shek was put in charge of it
military academy
____________ was one of the cadets in Whampoa
Chou En-laia
on omarch 12, 1925, sun yat sen _______ in Beijing
Sun is revered as _________ of the chinese republic
the father
After Chiang emerged as the new leader, he led the ___________ against the warlords.
northern expedition
the _____ drummed up support for fighting the warlords and imperialism
Chiang planned to purge the communists when his army reached ________
__________ and other communist leaders in Shanghai were not aware of Chiang's plans
Chou En Lai
After Chiang's army was in control of Shanghai, 100,000 communists marched un protest and were ___________
shot and brutalized
Once Chiang's purge spread throughout the country, thousands were _________
Days after the Shanghai Massacre, Chiang set up his capitol in _______
Sun's body was then transported to the new capitol and Chiang married ____________
Sun's sister in law
_____________ modernized the cities with Chin li-fu's "American" techniques
Chiang's Government
_________, the head of the security police, etc...
Chen Zui
The Russian Communists believed that the communist revolution must be led by _____________ in the cities
.....launched a series of campaigns against _____ in Jiangxi province
Mao Tse-Tung
slaughter of communists, _____ went into Jiangxia province.....
mao tse-tung
in 1930's, chiang also launched_______
new life movement
german commintern representative in china _________. He convinced......successful ______ anf use the german.....
Otto Braun/guerilla
escaping into the mountains and beginning the __________ whjich would end _____ miles later in Yanan _________
long march/6000
undisputed leader of the _________
communist party
..... but now faced a greater threat, _________
_________ was Jiang's second in command
Zhung Xue Liang
Zhang xueliang protested _____ lack or resistance to the _____ incasion of _____ in 1931
Chiang Kai-Shek/Japanese//Manchuria
soon after Japan's invasion of Manchuria the Hapanese attacjed Shanghai the _____ did resist and the japanese withdrew
the japanese in 1932creaded _____ in manchuria and set up _______ as their puppet
Manchu Ko/Henry Puyi
but Chiang continually refused to fight the japanese and from 1931 to 1936 waged war on ____________
the communists
mao demanded that the kuomintang and the communist _____ against _____
in 1936 ________ kidnapped _________ and brought him to Zian and fight ______
Zhang Xueliang/Chiang Kai-Shek/Japan
Chiang was released after he agreed to unite with ____ and face ____-
In july 1937 the japanese crossed the ________
marco polo bridge
took first shanghai then ________
Chiang then moved his HQ inland to _______
Chung King
the communist kept the HW in _____ where mao etc.......
communist unit and wiped it out ending the ________
united front
disease of _____ but communism is a disease of the _______
hapanese attacked _____ that hapan would loose the war
Pearl Harbor