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In Bhutan most of the people are.....
subsistence farmers
In Nepal the group known for its skill in guiding mountain climbers is the...
Both Pakistan and India want to control Kashmir mainly for is.....
water resources
India's society is organized into social classes based on a person's.....
Bhutan got its name from its...
In 1943 India suffered the world's worst food disaster, known as the......
Bengal Famine
Bangladesh's two major rivers are the....
Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers
In India many village families set up "cottage industries" which means they.....
make products in their homes
In India a group seeking their own independent state are the.....
The Himalaya and the Karakoram Range separate South Asia from......
the rest of Asia
India is the world's second-largest producer of what crop?
Sri Lanka's 2 major ethnic groups are the Sinhalese and the........
Pakistan and Bangladesh are both......
Muslim countries
In Pakistan people use Sindhi and Punjabi as their....
major languages
What country of South Asis was once called the Hidden Holy Land?
Sri Lanka lies on an important ocean shipping route between Asia and
Mount Everest lies in....
In 1947 India won independence from.....
Great Britain
The People's Republic of China is the offical name of...
In China people's lives are controlled in many ways by...
the government
China's communist leader who made China a more open country was....
Deng Xiaoping
what is true about China
s population.....
1. it holds 1/5th of world's population
Chinese writing uses....
characters that represent words or ideas
Mongolia has changed from a strict Communist government to.....
Is Taiwan an island?
China's "one-country, two-system" pledge refers to....
communism and capitalism
The small territory of Macau was a colony of.......
about 64% of China's people live in....
rural areas
China's population--1/5th of the world's people is....
1.27 billion
The great Wall of China was built..
to stop northern invaders
The Chinese thinker whose beliefs attracted artists and writers was.....
Many Chinese paintings often include.......
Taiwan's wealth comes largely from...
high-technology industries, manufacturing and trade
Hong Kong and Macau are....
Chinese cities that were once controlled by a European country
China's government and society were shaped by the teachings of...
In 1989 a protest in Beijing, China to demand more freedom was led by....
Pandas and other rare animals roam at the eastern end of .........
the plateau of Tibet
Why has conflict broken out between Sri Lanka's 2 ethnic groups?
Tamils are the minority group and feel that they have been mistreated by the majority Sindhalese group.
Why do tourist rravel to Nepal?
Himalaya Mts adn Buddhist and Hindu temples of Kathmandu
What was India's green revolution?
India's effort ot use modern tecniques and science to increase food production
What 2 benefits do foreign companies expect from investing in China?
pay workers less; increase customers by selling to Chinese
Name 5 early Chinese inventions.
paper and ink; silk; magnetic compass; printed books; gunpowder; and fireworks