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what body of water seperates old and new istambol
Bosphorus Strait
What were the first 2 names of Istambul
What is at St Haghia
The Holy Hole
What can you find at the Hippodrome
Obelisk brought from Luxor
Serpentine Column from greece
Column of constantine from Turkey
What city on the Agean coast hold the Book of Illiad by Homer
What is the name of the area of Limestone Mineral spas in Turkey
What City do you use to get to Ephesus
What is Ephesus
It is a city of ruins which Alexander used as a principle port.
What is Unique about the Cappadocia Area
lava rock formed done in which people live.
What is the capital of Cyprus?
What is unique about Cyrpus and Turkey
The Green Line
What are 2 things that Cyprus is known for
Wine and the Baths of Aphrodites
What are the 3 areas of old Jerusalem we studied
Muslim quater,Jewish quarter,christian quarter
What is at the remains of King Solomons temple, and in what quarter is it found
Jewish quarter, Waling wall
what is the name of the Holecaust memorial in Jerusalem
Yad Vashem
What is unique about the Dead Sea
Lowest point on earth. High salt content so you float. nothing lives in it
What is the other name for the Sea of Galilee
lake Tiberias
What is the Gateway to Jordan
what is the name of the preserved roman city in Jordan?
What cities is the Kings Highway between
Amaan - Al Agabah
What can be seen in St. Georges Cathedral in Madaba
A mosaik map of the Holy Land Map
Describe Petra
Red Rose city, built by the arabians, walls set in ... etc
What can be seen in Watti Rum?
Camel back police
Where are the beach resorts in Jordan
Al Aqabah
Where is the Pearl of the Persian Gulf
Describe Dubai
has the Burj Al Arab hotel, amazing shopping, gold destination of the world, world class horseracing
What are the 3 cities in the Golden Triangle and what can be seen in each of them
Agra-Taj Mahal
Jaipur - Amber Fort
Delhi-Mahatma Ghandi National Museum
What city is the Lake Palace Hotel found in
What is at Khajuraho
What can you see on Elephanta Island
Cave temples and rock carvings
What is in the GOA area
Beach resorts and cottages
Where is the Roof of the World
Where is the Budhist Stupa and what is on the front of it
Kathmandu, eye
Where is the Forbidden City and what is special about it
Former residence of the royal family. Surrounded by the imperial city where the diplomats lived
What is the name of the largest square in the world
Tia Nanmen Square
What is unique about XIAN
THe start of the silk route,taracotta soldiers
What is the most cosmopolitan city in China
What are the 4 areas of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Island, New Territories, Kowloon, Lantau Island
Where is the Potala Palace, and what person lived there
Dalli Llama in Lathsa
What are the 4 main islands of Japan
What city is the Ginza area in? and what is it known for
Tokyo and shopping
What 2 cities in Japan have peace parks
Nagasaki and Hiroshima
What takes up half of Mongolia
Gobi Desert
What countries make up INDO CHINA
Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia
Where are the best baquettes in the world found