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What were the 3 shogunal government to rule Japan?
Kamakura, Ashikaga, Tokugawa
Which group was allowed to continue trading with Japan even after the country was closed off to the outside world?
Not ____, you're not much.
What were the major issues leading to the American naval mission to Japan?
Humane treatment of sailors, provising of ships traveling to China, establishment of diplomatic relations
sailors ,ships, relations
Which American president sent the naval missionaries that opened Japan to direct contact with the Western Imperialist powers?
Who led the American naval mission opened Japan to direct contact with the Western Imperialist powers?
Commodore Matthew Perry
The American naval mission that opened Japan to Western Imperialist powers sailed into which place?
Edo Harper (Tokyo)
Which treaty was the immediate result of the American naval mission to open Japan to Western Imperialist powers?
Treaty of Kanagawa
Treaty of K____
The Treaty of Kanagawa allowed for which of the following provisions?
diplomatic relations, humane treatment of US sailors, provising of ships at Hakodate and Shimoda
relations, us sailors, ships.
Which two ports were opened for naval provisioning by the Treaty of Kanagawa?
Hakodate, Shimoda

Townsend Harris, America’s first consul to Japan forced this commercial treaty upon the Japanese. Which treaty was it?
Treaty of Shimoda
What were the main elements of the Unequal Treaty System?
MFN, extraterritoriality, treaty ports, tariff limits, unilateral nature, perpetual term
Literally meaning “Honor of Emperor; Expel the Barbarians”, this movement was aimed at bringing down the Tokugawa Bakafu. Which movement was it?
Sonno Joi
What groups were involved in the growing opposition to the Tokugawa in the late 1800’s?
Disaffected Samauri, volunteer ronon, merchants, Sonno Joi advocates
Samuari, ronon, merchants, advoctes
A succession dispute revolving around these 2 men weakened the Shogunal government just as it was facing the most serious opposition in centuries. Who were these 2 men?
Tokugawa Yoshinbu, Tokugawa Iemochi
Yoshi, Iemo____
The son of the Lord of Mito, this man became the last of Japan’s shoguns. Who was he?
Tokugawa Yoshinobu
Literally meaning, “Open the Country to Expel the Barbarians”, this movement was aimed at modernizing Japan in order to face the threat from the Western Imperialist Powers. Which movment was it?
Kai Koku Joi
Faced with the dissolution of the Bakafu, the last Tokugawa Shogun attempts what as a means of reviving his authority?
Relaxes sankin Kotai, marries the daughter of the emporer
When France chose to support the failing Shogun government, its traditional rival, Britain, chose to aid which two major Daimyo?
Choshu, Satsuma
C____, S____
The 1863 Choshu Incident erupted when Choshu radicals beginning shelling Western vassals at which place?
Straits of Shimoneks
What is the capital city of the Satsuma Domain?
During the 2nd War against Choshu, the Shogun’s forces were defeated by Choshu’s army. What were the main reasons for Choshu’s success?
Secret Alliance with Satsuma, British aid in modernizing military, superior tactics based on rifle regiment.
Secrets, aids, tactics about rifles.
When the last Shogun steps down and agrees to become prime minister, which two groups launch a military campaign against the Shogun and seize control of the Kyoto government?
Chosho, Satsuma
C____, s_____
The Meiji Restoration was, at least in theory, a restoration of whom?
movie... the last _____
What were the five main themes of the Charter Oath? (The Meiji Charter?)
Create legislature, economic prosperity, international law, adopt what is best from around the world, seekout and fill aspiration
intl law
Who were the three early leaders of the Meiji restoration?
Okubo Tashimich, Saigo Takamori, Kido Koin
Which early Meiji leader led the Satsuma Rebellion in 1877?
Saigo Takamori
"Sergio" Tak...
What were the main effects of the Meiji Restoration?
Destroy feudalism, eliminate class lines, create centralized...
fueds, classes, centralized
Much like the American Declaration of Independence, this document was created to explain to the world the Meiji government aims. What was it?
Charter Oath
What moves were taken by the new Meiji government to extend and consolidate their authority?
Created National army, dismantling of feudalism, new tax code
army, feuds, tax codes
What were the Han?
Daimyo Domains
Although a privileged class for several centuries, this class was officially wiped away during the Meiji Restoration. Which class was it?
the last...
What actions by the Meiji Government had an adverse effect on the status of the samurai?
Couldnt carry sword, everyone got family names, dissolution of Han, creation of natural army
swords, names, han, natural army.
An offshoot of the idea of natural selection, this theory was adopted by many Japanese leaders as the justification behind early dabbing in imperialist aggression. Which theory was it?
Social Darwinism
Social... D
In the absence of many members of the Meiji Government, Saigo Takamori and others called for an invasion of Korea. This led to what?
Crisis of 1873
After the crisis of 1873, the new Meiji Government tried to appease the discontent samurai by allowing them their own “little war.” Which conflict was this?
The Formosa campaign
The Japanese military launched three major campaigns during the first 20 years after restoration. What were they?
Formosa campaign, satsuma rebellion, sino-japanese war.
Campaign, rebellion, war
Known as the father of the Japanese Army, this man was instrumental in modernizing the Japanese military. Who was he?
Yagamato Irotomo (Aritomo)
Y___ I/A_____
What three explanations have been given for the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War?
Competition between Japan and China over Korea, Japans desire to become an imperialist power, shifting balance of power to East Asia
competition, desire, shift balance to...
The Treaty of Shiminoseki brought a close to which war?
Sino-Japanese war
Which areas were given to Japan by China in the Treaty of Simonseki?
Liadong Peninsula, Pescadores Islands
What were the provisions of the Treaty of Simonseki?
All provisions of unequal treaty system rights to Liadong Pescadores, Taiwan, Korean independence recognized
provisions, tawain, korean in...
Known as the Triple Intervention, the pressure placed on Japan by these three countries after the Sino-Japanese War caused Japan to return control of the Liaodong Peninsula to China. Which 3 countries were involved?
France, Germany, Russia