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Asexual reproduction
Reproduction involving ONE parent to produce offspring that are genetically identical to the parent
Binary fission
1. Cell grows and copies DNA
2. Cell splits into 2 EQUAL cells
(E.g. bacteria)
When a small protrusion (bud) grows on the parent organism and then falls off and grows into an individual
(E.g. yeast, hydra, some fungi)
When an organism is broken into pieces (fragments) and each fragment grows into a new individual
(E.g. flatworms)
When a piece of a desired plant/organism is attached to a mature (growing) plant or organism --> the desired plant is produced
(E.g. fruit trees)
The regrowth of a lost limb
(E.g. salamanders)
Vegetative reproduction
1. Runners (aboveground stems)

2. Rhizomes (underground stems/roots)

The organism grows at the end of the runner or rhizome
(E.g. strawberries)