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1: Sterile...
surfaces only contact sterile surfaces; nonsterile surfaces contact only nonsterile surfaces
2: A sterile item...
is considered sterile only after it has been processed using methods that are proven effective and that yeild measurable results
3: Certain areas of the body...
cannot be adequately decontaminated using antiseptics or antibiotics. Aspetic technique helps prevent the transmission of potentially pathogenic microorganisms
4: Sterile drapes, ....
gowns, gloves, and table covers are barriers between a nonsterile surface and a sterile surface
5: The edge...
of any sterile drape, wrapper, or covering is considered nonsterile
6: When in...
doubt, throw it out
7: The draped patient...
is the center of the sterile field
8: Sterile gowns...
are considered sterile only in front from the axillary line to the waist
9: Sterile tables...
are only considered sterile at table height
10: Sterile personnel...
must remain within the immediate area of the sterile field
11: Nonsterile team members...
may never leave or reach over a sterile surface to distribute sterile goods to the field. They do not pass between 2 sterile surfaces
12: Movement...
is kept to a minimum during surgery
13: Talking...
is kept to a minmum during surgery
14: Moisture...
carries bacteria from a nonsterile surface to a sterile surface
15: The sterile field...
is created as colse as possible to time of surgery and is monitored throughout the procedure