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Name the four Humors
3)Yellow Bile
4)Black Bile
What are the three stages of disease that the Greeks postulated?
1)Imbalance between the humors
2)A boiling reaction to this imbalance(fever)
3)Discharge of the imbalanced humor or death
Who is often lauded as the "Father" or Western medicine?
Hippocrates believed that a balance of the bodily elements determined one's health and thought that disease was caused by ______________________
the domination of a single element
What is the foundation of medicine?
What oath is taken when medical students promise to practice medecine with the highest ethics?
The Hippocratic Oath
What is the name that is used to describe the passage from the stomach to the intestine?
Duodenum - also described as dodekadaktylon
What does the pulmonary theory describe?
It describes the heart as a pump and delineated the auricles of the heart, the cardiac valves, and many blood vessels
Erasistratus erraneously suggested what?
He thought that veins carried blood, arteries transported "animal spirits" and nerves transported "nervous spirits."
What two occupations were Galen known for?
Physician and anatomist
Who wrote the Arab test, The Canon of Medicine?
Ibn Sina
Who is regarded as the founder of modern anatomy?
Andreas Vasilius
Vasilius advanced major development in medical theory with what two techniques?
Unprecedented dissections of humans and his detailed notes and drawings of his findings
Vesalius published a collection of labeled illustrations titled what?
Tabulae Sex
In 1543, Vesalius published what book?
De Humani Corporis Fabrica
Who discovered the pulmonary circuit of the blood circulating from the right chamber of the heart to the lungs and discovered that the septum was impermeable?
Michael Servetus
Name the three divisions of Anatomy
Gross anatomy, Microscopic anatomy, and Radiological Anatomy
Name the three different section of the bodies that are located on the three different planes
Sagittal, Transverse, and Frontal
Name the 8 different body positions
Superior, Inferior, Anterior, Posterior, Medial, Lateral, Proximal, and Distal
Name the four body cavaties and the organs that they encase
Cranial - encases the brain
Spinal Cavity - encloses the spinal cord....
Thoracic Cavity - Heart, esophagus, and the organs of the respiratory system
Abdominal Cavity - organs of the digestive, reproductive, excretory systems
What is required to maintain homeostasis?
What are the smallest structures known to exhibit the characteristics of life? kidding o_O
What is the universal solvent?
worter(water) duuuhzz >_<
What is the function of epithelial tissues?
They cover body surfaces, form te inner linings of body cavaties, and/or line organs
What is the most abundant tissue in the body?
connective tissu3
Bones are composed of layers of __________matrix produced by ________
Name the three types of muscles
Cardia, skeletal, and smooth muscle